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The Back Stockade


The Back Stockade The Back Stockade The Back Stockade
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Utilizing the back stockade as part of your bondage, dungeon play you can have your partner on their knees and at your control. The slave is locked securely at the neck, wrists and ankles. It's an easy to use device that can provide plenty of stimulating entertainment.

To use, simply have your sub get on their knees. Open up each of the cuffs and collar and place it around them. Lock them in securely using padlocks. Use the adjusting knobs to place them in a comfortable position. Once they're locked in, you can then use the large O-ring at the neck to connect them to other devices. If you wish, your sub can also be lying on their stomach with their arms behind them and the lower part of their legs in the air. This can offer other possibilities.

Specifications: The stockade is made of a powdered steel for durability. When fully assembled the stockade measures around 3ft 9" in length with a 6" collar, 2.5" wrists and 3" ankles.

Size Conversion Chart:
6 inch Diameter = 19 inch circumference
5 inch Diameter = 15 3/4 inch circumference
3.5 inch Diameter = 11 inch circumference
3 inch Diameter = 9 3/8 inch circumference
2.5 inch Diameter = 7 7/8 inch circumference
2 inch Diameter = 6 2/8 inch circumference

Assembly Directions:
  • When you receive the stockade, you'll find four large pieces: a rod with a collar attached, a second rod, the wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs (the wrist cuffs are the ones with their own adjustable knob).
  • Turn the adjustable knobs so that the holding screws are fully retracted
  • Insert the wrist cuffs into the rod with the collar and tighten the knob til the cuffs stay in place. These cuffs are adjustable as you place your partner into it for maximum comfort
  • Remove the screw at the bottom of the second rod and place it through the ankle cuffs and tighten the ankle cuffs to the rod.
  • Attach the two rods together and tighten using the second adjustment knob
  • As you engage in dungeon and bondage play, utilize these two knobs to find the ideal way to have your partner so that they are comfortably restricted

    Note: The stockade requires 5 padlocks to close. See our related items for a selection of comparable locks to use.

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    Reviewed: Monday 14 December, 2015 by ed krausse

    my boyfriend bought this. I was not aware prior to him having this set up in his bedroom. it is an ingeniously simple design. we both recently got into BDSM. He is the Master, and I am completely submissive to him. I quickly figured out what this device was for. This setup is perfect for insuring the submissive in an almost perfect kneeling posture. For me, that means unlimited cock sucking. And I do not get sore in this position because the device insures proper posture. I have been made to be in this position for hours during his parties. Thanks for such a good , effective and comfortable designed device

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    Reviewed: Thursday 25 September, 2014 by Used Wife

    My husband permanently attached this to the floor in his man cave. I'm locked in it when he's home especially whenever he has friends over. He writes across my forehead in lipstick "at your service". I'm covered in cum, tears and smeared makeup constantly. Some bring their girlfriends. They straddle my face making me lick their pussies.

    Was this review helpful? 47   61

    Reviewed: Friday 22 November, 2013 by Slave Emily

    This is an amazing piece of equipment, I can't get enough of it! I am in a three person relationship, Myself (who acts as a slave), my boyfriend/master and my girlfriend/co-slave, my master was using me for his own pleasure and told me not to cum, however I couldn't help it. As a punishment he put me in this device completely naked while he toys with me and fucks my mouth like a whore. He said if I disobey him again he will do the same thing but invite all of his friends around to use me.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 31 August, 2013 by humble slave

    Mistress order this one nite when I was serving her in a chriss belt. We got it in that evening she had me her husband put up the dance pool in the center of the room she had me put on the chrsthy belt with a butt plug that was control by wireless remote. She order me on my knees and lock me in it then tied it to the dance pool witch kelp me from falling over. Mistress took a tray gag and put it in my mouth and told me I was the center table for the strap on party she is having for all the other mistresses that are coming over for but right now you can hold the ashtray for the ones who get here early that smokes but don't worry there will be a ring gag in your mouth when the strap on party starts. Mistress said can't let them leave without knowing how to use the strap on. When the party was over she made out with her girlfriend and had me suck there strap on clean and told me that I did a good job and that I probe be the center table for her upcoming pool party's too for entertainment

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 30 January, 2013 by Anonymous

    This with the funnle gag and one femail slut makes a great urinal

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