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Steel Suspension Bar


Steel Suspension Bar Steel Suspension Bar Steel Suspension Bar Steel Suspension Bar
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Triangle shaped Suspension Bar with chains

For serious bondage players you need our heavy duty suspension bar. Its approximately 36 inches long and has eye holes at the end of the bar to use for securing to the ceiling and then to your subject. Its so heavy duty that it will hold even the largest person without fail.

Model is wearing latex gloves and stockings. Restrained with leather and steel cuffs. All cuffs and accessories sold separately.

Credit: Erotic Photography by Ian Rath.

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Reviewed: Sunday 22 September, 2013 by Debbie Wales

We have recently acquired one of these and we think its great. We have both been tied and suspended many times in the past but this seems the most secure. The first time we used it as I got in the door hubby was waiting for me and he led me into our play-room where he stripped me and them strapped me into a pair of your wrist to thigh cuffs. The bar was then put under my arms and the chain connected to our pulley and tension was put on. He then put leather straps around my ankles and pulled them back and up and connected them to the eyeholes on the ends of the bar so that I was now suspended with my legs forced apart and my fanny totally exposed. A large pair of weights were suspended from my nipple rings and my favorite ball-gag was installed and a blindfold was put on as well. He then proceeded to work on my willing fanny and arse until I could take no more using his cock, a large dildo. butt-plug and whip.I had orgasm after orgasm and loved every minute of it. After he had finished he just left me hanging there until he decided to let me down. Will look forward to next time and also to using it on him. 5 stars

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Reviewed: Saturday 03 March, 2012 by Susan Collins

This is my 2th review of your suspension bar and cuffs. I told you about the first time when my boy friend hung me up. I now love being suspension bondage. The first time I was only about 30 feet off the ground. Now I got where I wish to suspended higher. My boy friend now works as a lineman for power co. Every six weekend he on call and brings home a company truck. All the trucks booms crains that go up 75 feet. We live on land so far out in the county the next house is over a mile away. 2 times I have been suspenede 75 feet in the air. And it the biggest turn on for me. The power co has a new truck go up to 150 feet. My boyfriend had the truck for his on call weekend. On that Sunday we took the truck out in the pasture and he set up the truck. It was a cool that day about mid 60's. He put the cuffs on my wrist very tight and get bar ready. I strip naked and got hooked up. First he pick me up about 2 feet to check make sure all was well. Then put me down and recheck. The he put a ball gag in my mouth an up I went. He told me he was going to bring me down in 30 min. I look down an my boy friend down there with his video camera getting it all on tape. The sun about to go down he bring me down. But he stop about a foot off the ground get out his whip and gives me 20 licks on my butt. Your bar is so well made I can trust my life to it.

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Reviewed: Saturday 05 February, 2011 by Anonymous

I'm pretty sure I could use this thing to pull the engine in my car! The double holes on each end allow me to not only suspend my slave by her wrists or ankles, but I can suspend her by both at the same time! This is the best bar I've seen or used!

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Reviewed: Saturday 16 October, 2010 by Susan Collins

I had never done bdsm until I got with my current boy friend. We started with rope bondage. He had the suspension bar and culfs. On a very nice Sunday we went out to the country location. I did not know he had his bondage equment with him. Now I know what that big green bag for. He put the rope over a big tree branch about 30 feet high. The had Me to strip naked. Then he put the culfs on each wrish and hooked me to the bar. I though he was me about pulling me off the ground. The rope was pulled tight and up I went. At first I was scared then I got very turned on by hanging there helpless and naked. Then my boy friend took his whip and and gave me a few pops on my rear end. Then he pulled me all the way up about 25 to 30 feet high. Then he walked off telling me I will be back. I think he left me up there about 15 to 20 minutes. I now enjoyed bondage to the point that now enjoy being hung up by the wrist.

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Reviewed: Friday 02 June, 2006 by The Master

This device is perfect for suspending slaves upside down. It keeps their legs spread so that you can observe their wettness as you whip their back, tits, ass, and pussy. It is also a perfect position for fucking a slave's mouth. Just don't leave them upside down too long. My wife looks so helpless when suspended. She was in this when she agreed to be my slave for life. She was in this when she agreed to have "Whore" tattooed on her pussy. Just add a pulley system and a quality pair of leg cuffs with strong locking rings.

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