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Steel Puppy Cage


Steel Puppy Cage Steel Puppy Cage
Rating: (11 reviews)

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Heavy Duty Steel Puppy Cage - Solid, Collapsible and Affordable

When you're looking for a full sized iron cage that is escape proof, then look no further. This solid steel cage has a full sized feeding slot on the front door that fits most standard K9 dishes. Welded all the way around, for security. When you're not using the cage it collapses into 6 pieces which can be placed under a bed or in a closet.

Assembly is easy and takes about 15 minutes using the provided wrench. The cage is made up of 6 parts. Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Right and Left. With about a dozen bolts that screw the sides together the cage is complete. It locks securely with a single padlock, not provided. Dimensions are: 48 inches long by 32 inches in height and 30 inches wide. Each cage is hand made by our talented blacksmith.

Our puppy cage is delivered to your door via UPS. Total weight is approx. 120 lbs. Cost of shipping is $78 in the continental US.

* Credits: The video footage is from the movie "Sex and Submission #23" by" Watch it in our pay per view section.

Shipping Notice: Due to the size of this product we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

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Reviewed: Monday 17 October, 2016 by Anonymous

Wow served master so well! He keeps me and the other girls there if we've been naughty.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 11 May, 2016 by Anonymous

My husband bought me this cage for Christmas a few years ago now.we use it all the time...well I do anyway!! We live in fairly large Victorian house with two callers one for wine and storage and our hidden one deep under the house. A thick barred door awaits me as I approach the cell naked of course except my tight chastity belt encircled around my slender waist 24/7,then he locks me in the cage for days or weeks

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Reviewed: Saturday 26 March, 2016 by SIR Peter

Great Product - Well worth the money. Real easy to put together! Very Sturdy! Even if your slave is tall, their legs will fit through the bars so it will allow them to sleep in the cage. Thank You reviewer caged puppy from Monday August 26, 2013. Your description of adding / creating the bottom piece to this cage was perfect. If you were close by, I'd offer my slave up to you for a night to say Thank You!

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Reviewed: Monday 26 August, 2013 by cage puppy

I bought this cage 4 weeks ago and it finally came! Totally worth the wait - what an amazing cage! I turned this cage into a spanking bench for $50 read below for details... Don't quite get the reviews saying their master/mistress has locked them in for days/months but I have so far spent about 4-6 hours at a time locked up without issue. The bars are spread far apart that you can stretch your arms/legs out through them. Could totally see "spending a night in the dog house" next time my mistress gets mad at me! The cage is very durable and strong (at 260 lbs I can stand on top of it on an individual bar and it will not bend), the paint job was excellent - I love the silver look over say black. My only complaint is the instructions and numbered letters for putting it together were a bit confusing. In the end I ended up scraping them and just looking at the pieces closely. It took me 15 minutes to assemble, but I could see getting that down to 3-5 min once I have practice. The nuts and bolts are the simple kind, so a socket wrench comes in handy. A really cool addition I built serves as bot a bed, but doubles as a SPANKING BENCH! Here is what I did: I bought 2" LUX high density foam custom cut to 30" x 46" from foam factory ($30 shipped) Then bought black marine vinyl 46" x 54" from Amazon ($16 shipped) Finally I got a piece of plywood from home depot which I had cut to exactly 46" x 29.5" and some little 1"x 1" right angle brackets. I stapled the marine vinyl to the foam and wood to create a really comfortable and sexy bed/pad but thanks to the angle brackets this pad clips to the bars of the cage and holds in place. This means I can move it from the inside to on top of the cage and it becomes the perfect spanking bench! Anyway long review but I wanted to share all my thoughts. At such a high investment I was very unsure at first and compared MANY other more expensive sellers. This was by far the best price and the cage is just excellent quality. So happy with it and the service I got from XR. Woof! Woof!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 10 October, 2012 by Anonymous

my master has this bolted to the floor in a built in wardrobe. when i agreed to be his live in slave i was told i would be locked in the cage. arrived at his house to be his live in slave he had me strip, showered and given a few enemas he then clocked on thick rubber mitts then i was walked to the cage and locked in then he locked the door. i spent 3 months locked in the cage only released to shower and exercise. i love that you don't have to open the cage to feed someone just slide the bowl in and leave. i was in 23 hours a day during the week and from Friday 1pm to 12 Monday fed when he remembered.

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