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Deluxe Puppy Cage


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Rating: (13 reviews)

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Deluxe Steel Puppy Cage for serious confinement

Our deluxe puppy cage takes bondage furniture to a new level. It has 3 major features that our standard cage does not have.
  • Powder Coating - Black powder coat allows for better rust protection and a rich black appearance
  • Head Trap - On the top of the cage is a head restraint that locks around the neck. This leaves the head exposed for abuse. It's adjustable and uses two small locks for each side.
  • Body Bars- This creative feature allows you to separate the cage vertically or horizontally. This will limit movement of the person inside or a great way to separate 2 prisoners. Individual body bars can be used to further restriction of the arms. Comes with 4 bars that secure with simple screws.

    This solid steel cage has a full sized feeding slot on the front door that fits most standard K9 dishes. Welded all the way around, for extreme security. When not using the cage it collapses into 6 pieces which can be placed under a bed or in a closet.

    Assembly is easy and takes about 15 minutes using the provided wrench. The cage is made up of 6 parts. Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Right and Left. With about a dozen bolts that screw the sides together the cage is complete. Locks securely with two padlocks, not provided. Dimensions are: 48 inches long by 32 inches in height and 30 inches wide. Each cage is made by hand by our talented blacksmith.

    Credit: Erotic photography by Ken Marcus.

    Shipping Notice: Our puppy cage is delivered to your door via UPS. Total weight is approx. 120 lbs. Cost of shipping is $78 in the continental US. Expedited shipping is not available for this item. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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    Reviewed: Monday 21 December, 2015 by Lil sam Slave

    My master loved this for me. He keeps me locked in it all day with a wireless vibrator and a chastity belt. He wakes up 7:00 and I make him breakfast, once he's finished he locks me in for the day and goes off to work until 6 or so. He keeps my hands tied behind and my mouth gagged with an open mouth gag for easy access. All he feeds me is a combination of cum, piss, and baby food while my head is locked in place. All his friends are welcome to use me whenever they want, and they just come into his basement and face fuck me. I love it so much, the feeling of submissiveness. When my master returns he releases me and face fucks me. Once he's cummed in my mouth he in ties me and releases me from the chastity belt. I make him dinner and suck him off while he eats. Then he takes me back down to the basement and plays with me for hours

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 13 October, 2015 by Anonymous

    What a feeling! No escape for sure. I tried it all. No cock remained at attention. I also loved the doggy food slot.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 29 July, 2014 by Anonymous

    Cage just arrived! It's very well-built; the welds look clean and strong, the powder coat looks like it finished well, and the whole thing bolts together fairly easily and all fits together properly. There were some minor differences though, which were present in my cage shipped in July of 2014. The body bars reach horizontally all the way across, but the cage is slightly taller than it is wide, so they don't quite stretch vertically (but if you must separate the cage with vertical bars, you could sacrifice a horizontal one to make the difference up). Also, the fit on the bars at the ends was a bit too snug, requiring me to smack the bars into place, as if they were designed to fit before the powder-coat, not after. I've accepted that marring the finish is just going to happen... if it doesn't, I'm not playing with it hard enough. ;-] I was happily surprised to see that a metal ring was welded onto one side of one of the body bars though, at the center, which should be useful. The cage also included optional knobs (as in the photo) or allen wrench set screws for the neck restraint. Finally, all the bolts were a bit long, so I plan on finding caps for them (to protect either the floor or the occupant, as the case may be). All in all though, it's a solidly built cage, and a purchase I'm very happy with!

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    Reviewed: Saturday 30 March, 2013 by Anonymous

    My husband has slowly gotten me to Dominate him over the past 10 years. This was a new addition to our basement dungeon. I have used this to restrain him while I have a girls night out with my sisters. I usually get dressed and then walk him downstairs to the basement in handcuffs where I help into the cage. Depending upon how long I will be gone, I will either un hand cuff him or use some other type of (more comfortable) restraint. The goal is to keep his hands from his gentiles so he is unable to masterbate while I am gone or all night depending, if I decide to leave him in the cage while I sleep when I return. Since I am usually only out with my sister for dinner and and movie I'm not gone for hours on end. It doesn't take much to get him aroused, a knee length skirt, boots or heels and a turtleneck dress will do the trick. The look on his face as I ask him if he wants to be blindfolded/hooded or has any last requests is amazing. He usually doens't choose the mask nor hood ( but somtimes I make him wear one anyway) . He has told me that the helplessness he feels as he puts it.... my red painted (nails) fingers click the clock and I get up and walk away in a skirt or tight jeans and especially boots makes him feel helpless and at my whim. Waiting in the cage gives him the exhileration of fear not knowing when/if I will return.....and the anticipation of what might happend when I return. I have to admit I am concerned about him being alone in the cage so I try not to be out more than 4 to 5 hours. The quality of the cage is great, no chance of escape!

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    Reviewed: Monday 13 April, 2009 by Hiswhore (he says)

    I just love being in that cage so much and for very long periods of time! It gives a great powerless feeling to whoever is in it. My master leaves me in it every morning before he goes to work so I can remain only his "little whore." He wakes up at 4am, puts me in it at 4:30am, and he leaves at 5am. He comes back at usually 6-7pm or 8-9pm if he goes out for drinks. Usually I'm also in there wearing a chastity harness and a big hard dildo up in me. He hangs it right inside by the front door so he will see me right away. Sometimes he invites friends over and they love to laugh at me and make me do stuff for them. When he has parties(usually 2 times a month) he keeps me in the bedroom in the cage so anyone can come use me in there. I do the chores and he has me use that humiliation gag so I can clean the toilet(which I must do for at least 30min.) If it doesn't meet expectation he will pump my pussy until I cry for him to stop or he will leave me on the pony fucking machine while he sleeps. Then the process just repeats. Even though it sounds harsh, I REALLY LOVE IT!!! I definatly recommend this product to everyone!

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