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Crusade Silicone Prostate Plug with Angled Head

SKU: AE612

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Crusade Silicone Prostate Plug with Angled Head

SKU: AE612

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Get the intense sensation you crave when you're penetrated by the Crusade!... Read more...


Get the intense sensation you crave when you're penetrated by the Crusade!

This smooth, silicone toy is designed to target your sensitive prostate for phenomenal pleasure! The bulbous head is curved in at an angle that will apply maximum P-spot pressure as you rock it back and forth by its looped external handle. Another arm reaches towards your taint to stimulate you externally as your prostate is milked. Use this toy while you masturbate or with a partner! The body-safe material is non-porous and will sanitize easily with soap and water. You'll get hooked on the extreme orgasms you'll have with this effective and durable prostate massager.


She's sitting on her knees between my legs while I recline on the bed, my head propped up by pillows so I can watch everything she does to me. She's lubing up the Crusade prostate massager, and even as she does so my cock gets harder and harder. She smiles, looking up at me from under her eyelashes. I reach down to stroke my cock but she shakes her head, smiling wider. Instead, she reaches forward herself to use her lubey hand to jack me off. I throw my head back against the pillows and gasp as she grips me hard, pulling upward and downward. I feel the wet, bulbed head of the massager as she begins to push it past my sphincter, and as it pops in my body relaxes is pleasure. Finally she pushes it up towards that spot inside me that makes my cock jolt. She lifts my balls with the hand she was jacking me off with so that the arm of the toy hits against my taint as she begins to rock it back and forth. My whole back arches off the bed as I cry out in pleasure. She massages my balls and lowers her head over my cock, her mouth wide open.

Prostatic Play Crusade Silicone Prostate Plug with Angled Head Specifications:

  • Measurements: 5.25 inches in total length, 3.5 insertable, 1.25 inches in diameter at widest point
  • Material: Silicone
  • Applies additional stimulation to the perineum
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