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Strict Leather Hog Crop with Leather Handle


Strict Leather Hog Crop with Leather Handle Strict Leather Hog Crop with Leather Handle Strict Leather Hog Crop with Leather Handle
Rating: (8 reviews)

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Treat them like a Hog

Make them squeal and squirm with this premium hog crop. The leather tip is made up of 2- 4 inch leather rectangles that create a nice smack on impact. The crop itself measures 26 inches long. The 6 inch leather handle is made of leather with a steel cap finishing off the butt of the crop. A premium crop at an excellent value.

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Reviewed: Saturday 01 February, 2014 by sore pussy

Wow my hubby/master just finshed punishing me. Tied me to the Hospital Bed Restraint System. Brought my friends over to show them my spread pussy. After that my gay male friend fucked me hard. One of my friends blindfolded me so I was taking by surprise when they hit me with this. First my forearm then my armpit and so on. They only stop for a moment when they reached my spread pussy. I felt cold fingers touch me for a moment then WHAM they hit me with this. Over and over again. All I can say is that this is the best thing that my friends brought for us. I can`t sit now. BEST DAY EVER! ;) :O

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Reviewed: Monday 09 July, 2012 by Mrs Vicious

As a professional Dominatrix, eXtreme Restraints is a favored resource for bondage gear and various implements. I am always pleased with the diversity and level of quality of their offerings... but this crop was a TREMENDOUS DISAPPOINTMENT. While it is one of the loveliest riding crops I have been able to find (which is why I purchased this particular model) - sadly, it is quite cheaply made - and seems to be meant for looks, rather than for actual use. While IN SESSION with a submissive - on the SECOND STROKE, of the VERY FIRST USE - the leather flapper FLEW OFF THE HANDLE. Not only inconvenient, but embarrassing. It seems to have been poorly glued with a subpar adhesive onto the crop shaft; however it was affixed - I was unable to repair it, and it had to be thrown away. I do NOT recommend this riding crop to anyone who intends to purchase it for SERIOUS PLAY. Anything more than a caress or a light flutter and you may lose an eye when it disintegrates.[ Editor's Note: You do have a 30 day warranty against defective products. So please do contact customer service to get a replacement. Thanks for the feedback. Reviews like yours help us with quality control. ]

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Reviewed: Thursday 12 April, 2012 by Anonymous

Great for the price, stings well and is of sturdy construction.

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Reviewed: Thursday 09 February, 2012 by Kit Kat

For the price, this crop is excellent. Sounds amazing and can leave quite a decent welt! Particularly fun after being flogged.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 06 December, 2011 by pv pc

My husband hates this crop so I love it. I only use it when he has been very bad or not listened to me. He does receive a hand spanking everyday so he knows who the boss is but when I go to get this he begs and promises to do as he is told. However that will not do and on his knees in the bed he goes to receive a good spanking. I love slapping noise it makes, the red marks that can turn to purple after awhile and his moaning and begging are just what I wantto hear. When finished the must stay in bed until allowed out. It is also fun to watch him try to sit especially if my friends around. As an extra punsihment I like to parade him in front of them so they can is very sore ass for being a bad boy. Evey wife who ownes her husband should have one. It has worked for me keeping him in line.

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