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Strict Leather Premium Fur Lined Locking Collars


Strict Leather Premium Fur Lined Locking Collars Strict Leather Premium Fur Lined Locking Collars Strict Leather Premium Fur Lined Locking Collars Strict Leather Premium Fur Lined Locking Collars
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Fur Lined Bondage Slave Collar

Many attest that our fur lined restraints are the ultimate blend of comfort and durability.

A 2 inch wide English Bridle Leather strap is lined with two layers of an ultra soft, mink like fur. The 1 inch wide lockable top strap provides extra strength and durability. Including the fur, the collar is an impressive 2 3/8 inches wide.

These collars are built to restrain the most unruly submissive in the most comfortable fashion.

Nine sizing slots ensure a snug custom fit. The Small/Medium collar fits 13-19 inch necks, the Large/Extra Large collar fits 20-26 inch necks.

Note: Locks not included.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 01 June, 2016 by Anonymous

I've had this collar for just shy of ten years now. The price is fantastic, the leather is absurdly thick, and the fur lining lasts a good five or six years of extended use in warm conditions before it becomes too nappy or matted to continue using. I have replaced it with a heavy PU fabric, but I may replace the whole thing for the price. Keep it clean and oil it once in a while, and it will keep you secure through years of sadomasochistic delights. After about nine years or so mine is starting to develop some minor cracks on the surface, and I feel I have most certainly gotten my money's worth out of it. HIGHLY recommended.

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Reviewed: Monday 01 February, 2016 by Collared and Exposed

When hub wants to play, I do what he wants. When he locks me in this collar, I must obey or he won't remove it. When he put hooks and chains on the walls and floor of the living room, I allowed him to hook to the collar to keep me bent over and in place. When he hooked me standing up and invited our friends to see me, I couldn't run away. So I had to let them look and touch. I was surprised when the girls put their fingers in me. It felt so good. Then I was bent over and the collar was hooked to the floor chain. I was spit roasted several times.

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Reviewed: Friday 10 January, 2014 by Mr. Bungle

Usually I take a large or extra-large in everything, so I was nervous about buying the small/medium collar even though the measurements were listed. Well, it arrived today and it fits like a dream! (I'm a 15" neck.) It is incredibly comfy and very sturdy. Excellent quality! I love the look of it, and it's so much fun wearing it. Love it!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 12 March, 2013 by Anonymous

I bought this for my wife along with a 4ft leash. I have to say I love walking her around the house and banging her like a cheap whore. The fur lining is gentle on her delicate skin, but if any of you are shopping for a sub/wife that is petite you may want to consider the low rise version...this collar is a bit big even if you order the smaller size.

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Reviewed: Monday 10 October, 2011 by Rachel TheMaid

I just got this collar today and I must say I am pleased. It seems well built, and the fur is nice on the neck. I have issues with beard growth on my neck as most men likely do. The fir is nice and soft and I think will do a good job of not irritating my neck. the leather is nice and I have no complaints about the construction. I do think the sizing is a little off. I ordered a small because of the size listed in the description but its just on the small size. I wear a size 16 or 16.5 inch men's shirt and my neck measures 16.5 inches at the smallest point. With a neck this size I wear the collar on the largest or second largest hole. This collar would fit a very small neck so if your on the smaller size its perfect. If your on the edge about what size to get and you neck is any larger than 16.5 inches I would consider getting the large size.

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