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Ladies Locking Chrome Collar


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$98.00 $78.00
Rating: (7 reviews)

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Ladies Rolled Steel Collar with Ring let's you lock down your slave and make them submit

This shiny, high quality locking chrome collar offers a sleek and sexy way to keep your sub in their place. The gleaming heavy chrome plated steel provides a nice weight and feel against the skin and the rounded edges bring an element of comfort to the submissive experience. Attach a leash, rope, or any other bondage equipment your mind can dream up to the sturdy O-ring in the front. The included hex key locks this collar down tight so they will feel nothing but cool steel around their throat until you are finished having your way.

Ladies Rolled Steel Collar with Ring Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Collar band is 0.54 inches thick with 4.72 inch inner diameter (14.85 inch circumference), O-Ring is 1.14 inches in inner diameter.
  • Note: Comes in one size only please consider carefully.
  • Material: Chrome
  • Comfortable rounded edges with a smooth locking mechanism for a uniform look
  • Sturdy o-ring allows for a variety of attachments
  • Heavy, solid construction and durable lock

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    Reviewed: Saturday 09 January, 2016 by Joe Kiesendahl

    A fantastic collar, for those that want one with class and style, that can be worn out in public and receive compliments about it from those not knowing what it truly represents ... My submissive loves it and ask to put it on and wear it all the time ..makes her feel sexy and reminds her what she ..submissive and a My whore

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    Reviewed: Saturday 11 July, 2015 by Bruce Surrett

    I took this collar an put it on my new girl an locked it in place stephine loved it Made her wear it out to a bar an she couldn't get it off love How embarrassed she became when her friends saw it on her She said to them she is now owned an love it I make her wear it 24/7 so she never Forgets

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 20 August, 2013 by Jack Johnson

    I purchased this elegant collar for my wife and we have enjoyed it immensely. The best part is that it locks with a hex screw and cannot be removed without a hex wrench. Once on, she absolutely cannot take it off by herself as I keep the wrench in a location that is not disclosed to her. This really ratchets up the sexual D/s tension, especially in public where I occasionally take her places where she is uncomfortable wearing the collar and delight in her embarrassment and the frustration she feels knowing that the collar will remain on. Recently, we were in the mood for some public play so we traveled to another city with little chance of either of us being recognized. She wore the collar and a very sexy halter dress and we went out to dinner at the fanciest place in town. When the check came, I reached in my pocket and pulled out the leash I use with the collar and slapped it on the table. I then reached in the same pocket to get my wallet. I left the leash on the table while the waiter was getting my receipt. Everyone around us noticed. As we were getting ready to leave the table I put the leash back in my pocket, reached over, put my index finger through the ring on the collar and pulled my wife toward me for a nice, passionate kiss. Her face was as red as I have ever seen it. When we returned to the hotel we had some of the hottest sex in years.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 05 March, 2013 by Touch Tone

    Wife was just collared for the entire weekend with this collar. Collar is nice enough looking that it can be worn to dinner without a huge amount of attention. She actual liked how it looked. It is a little heavy to be worn for exercise, so she could never wear it long term. But, it is perfect for slave weekends!

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    Reviewed: Monday 01 October, 2012 by Collared Whore

    I have been locked in this collar for 5 weeks now with no chafing or discomfort. The Masters in the BDSM Club have used it to lock me in their desired position for whipping and for usage of my 3 holes. Although I sometimes struggle against the lock, the collar doesn't bend or give way. I get a lot of looks wearing this in public when my Owner takes me to the Club. He always dresses me like a whore, but I think that the collar also catches their attention. Maybe it is the light steel chain that he uses to lead me. I am embarassed, but it makes me wet. And a collared whore needs to have a wet pussy when she is undressed for use at the Club. I love it all!

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