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Ultimate Male Lockdown System


Ultimate Male Lockdown System Ultimate Male Lockdown System Ultimate Male Lockdown System Ultimate Male Lockdown System Ultimate Male Lockdown System Ultimate Male Lockdown System Ultimate Male Lockdown System
$149.00 $129.95
Rating: (9 reviews)

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Put your male partner into the ultimate confinement, with this male lockdown system

Designed from high-grade stainless steel, this lockdown system is ready to give your male partner a taste of true confinement. The top piece will put pressure at the base of the cock (using two adjustable screws) while the middle piece will separate and confine the balls. Two wing nuts allow you to trap them between the rods, for an inescapable prison. The anal plug is fixed onto the end of the supporting bar, and is removable. Due to the complexity of this piece, we recommend it for more experienced users who plan to have a partner's assistance. For added security, a strap placed mid-shaft will help keep the penis confined.

Due to the nature and design of this device, we recommend that you have a friend assist you in applying it. And why not? They can get just as turned on seeing you in it as you would be wearing it.

Ultimate Male Lockdown System Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Anal plug: 3.5 inches insertable length, 1.4 inches in diameter; Ball crusher: 2.75 inches in length, opens up to 2.25 inches; Cock crusher: 1.75 inches in width, opens up to 1.5 inches in height
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Keep your male partner's cock, balls, and ass in true confinement
  • Uses adjustable screws to make sure it's exactly the way you want it
  • The anal plug is removable, when necessary

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    Reviewed: Thursday 12 November, 2015 by Anonymous

    I was very excited to get this and it was a disappointment. It's design is so sexy and they weight of it is heavy which I like but I'm having the same issues as everyone else with the pinching. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a fix?

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    Reviewed: Saturday 12 September, 2015 by Anonymous

    So sorry to write this review. Ordered this device and we eagerly awaited its arrival. As stated in previous reviews, nearly imopssible to get it on by yourself. First the positives. The part that traps your head is very secure and comfortable. The adjustability for length is a nice feature as well. That being said, the bars that trap your balls are horrible. More specifically, its the threaded rods that hold the bars. Allows way too many "pinch" points. My scrotal skin gets pulled in between the bars and threaded rods and the threads on the rods act like a grinder. The wife was not turned on by the bleeding this caused and pretty much turned the mood off. I would give this an A for concept but horrible fail for execution. Larger diameter threaded rod with a smooth section in the middle would greatly reduce the possibility of skin trapping and allow a much better rating. Anyone looking to purchase this should be very aware. I have purchased many products from extreme restraints and have had no complaints..............Until this one. Sorry ER.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 20 August, 2015 by Paul Walker

    you got to be positioned just right for it all to stay in I think the designer of it needs to tweak it a little bit and make it more comfortable I don't know I could go on for days but it needs to be tweaked pinching the skin of your scrotum and maybe sell different butt plugs better bigger for boys the butt plug that comes with it is the size of your finger and it doesn't stay in but that's my $0.02 so I'm going to only give it a 2 sorry I like toys but this one just does not work Tweet it.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 17 March, 2015 by Jeff Man

    Bought this thing because it looked cool and thought it would be awesome to play with. When it arrived, I liked it because of the heft to it and how solid it felt. Trying to put it on by myself took a good long time (45 minutes easily) and there were several pinch marks afterwards. Once it was on though it was pretty awesome; wish the plug was bigger though, maybe they can make a bigger one. Trying to have my partner put it on made things even worse. It got very frustrating and finally decided that the moment would be ruined if we didnt stop trying (was about 20 minutes in). It's a cool concept but I'm giving it a poor review for how it all fits together and works. Even with help your nuts will probably get a good pinch in between some screws.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 23 April, 2014 by Bill Wa

    This is a wild piece of equipment! The feeling of "exposure" is extreme. Great potential, however we haven't been able to fully test it yet as the thread on one of the long screws at the cock head end is rogered and won't screw down. Not being very handy, does anyone know what diameter this is? I assume it's pretty standard. I'd also agree with the other advice re pinching the skin of your nuts! I'm sure that's just a matter of practice. Maybe a thin slippery piece of material would help. Just maybe it's meant to hurt????? [ Editor's Note: Fixing a faulty screw isn't your responsibility. We extend a 30 day warranty against defects on everything we sell, and the clock starts ticking when it arrives at your home. So please contact our customer service team for a replacement. ]

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