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The Gates of Hell CBT Plug


The Gates of Hell CBT Plug The Gates of Hell CBT Plug The Gates of Hell CBT Plug The Gates of Hell CBT Plug The Gates of Hell CBT Plug The Gates of Hell CBT Plug The Gates of Hell CBT Plug
$175.00 $49.95
Rating: (5 reviews)
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Take the powerful sensation of urethral penetration with the divine pleasure of cock bondage and you have the dual purpose Gates of Hell Penis Plug. Simply place the cock through two rings, while the middle wand goes through the cock hole. So while your partner will have the ability to ejaculate and urinate (thanks to the thru-hole in the wand) they will be unable to obtain a full erection. Now as you tease and please them imagine their look as they try to withhold the visuals of their excitement.

Specifications: The wand measures 3 1/5" in length and 1/3" in diameter. There is a removable glans ring and penis ring to engage in cock bondage play. You get three penis rings and three glans rings, each with a diameter of 1" (small); 1 1/5" (medium) and 1.5" (large). These rings are interchangeable so you can find the ideal fit.

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Reviewed: Thursday 03 April, 2014 by Mandy Walker

I bought a Gates of Hell Plug for my man and it is fantastic. I slid it into his cock with lots of lube first time and it was tight but since then he has opened up for me as he wears it whenever he can. I always put it on and take it off him. When he is wearing it his cock is filled with the steel and is so big because he is always so turned on by it.He loves to wear it for me and I love seeing him with the steel in and around his swollen cock. One of my very best buys thank you.

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Reviewed: Monday 09 April, 2012 by Anonymous

Omg! This divice feels so comfortable on my dick. My wive did it on when I was tied up and it did feel so nice omg I want to wear 2 of them at the same time but that can't. I like it with spiky devices becous my wife is then in total control of me. I _3 it!!!!!!!! _3_3_3_3_3_3_3

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Reviewed: Wednesday 13 July, 2011 by Homeland Security

Just FYI - This will NOT pass though airport metal detectors, at least at JFK! ...but I still wear it every time I fly! ;-P

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Reviewed: Monday 14 June, 2010 by Anonymous

My wife (Mistress) and I have purchased “Urethral Sounds”, “Cum Thru Penis Plug”, and the “Gates of Hell”. Both my Mistress and myself “enjoy” the urethral sounds and “Cum Thru Penis Plug” more than the “Gates of Hell”. The “Gates of Hell” is OK, but the sounds and plug are better investment – a lot more excitement and fun. The sounds and penis plug should be standard equipment in all bedrooms!

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Reviewed: Thursday 11 February, 2010 by Wifes Toy

My wife purchased this item without my knowledge. The first time she used it I was tied up and did not have a choice. Don't kid yourself the diameter is tough to deal with the first time. She lubed it up and slowly slid it in and thru my muffled cries I heard her say now you know what it feels like for a woman the first time she has pentration. She uses it often and now much to her delite my urethra is spread open. Great device.

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