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The Curve Male Chastity Belt


The Curve Male Chastity Belt The Curve Male Chastity Belt
Rating: (44 reviews)
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The Latest Design in Male Chastity Devices

The natural flow of lines in this model naturally conforms with the penis and body. The slim lines make it easily worn under clothing. It is vented with curving lines and custom openings making it 100% hygienic. The material, a highly durable transparent polycarbonate, is not only functional but extremely appealing as well! The strength of this material exceeds that of acrylic and many other plastic blends. Some men find it possible to use the urinals while wearing "The Curve" male chastity belt while others find it more practical to sit. Men whose job requires them to pass thru metal detectors will find this male chastity product a plus. This male device can still be worn 24/7 and not interfere with their business routine. Just make sure to wear the plastic lock and not the brass lock under these circumstances. Because of the design, there are no uncomfortable belts, straps or chains needed with The Curve. The Curve consists of two main parts, the cage portion and cuff ring. They easily slide together by way of two guide pins and a locking pin. The guide pins extend from the cage portion. Once you find the right amount of spacing, simply use a pair of side cutter pliers to snip the ends of the guide pins and then smooth the edges with an emery board. The locking pin is slightly recessed into the body cuff. There are various sized spacers that can be used for an individual custom fit. Also, for additional comfort, we suggest using baby oil or a similar product after showering, apply to the penis with a cotton swab.

The Body Cuff swivels open at the bottom. This allows the man to put it behind the ball sack and then easily close it to align the locking pin holes. After installing the locking pin, add the proper amount of spacers and then install the cage portion. The balls will then be trapped between the cuff and the cage. The round design eliminates any pinching or chaffing while being worn. It comes in five different sizes. Finding the right sized cuff is extremely important for not only comfort, but for security reasons as well. It should be as tight as possible while not cutting off any circulation. If you are wearing a cuff that is to tight, it will cause some swelling and discoloration of the ball sac. You will need to go to the next larger size if this occurs.

The Complete Curve Chastity Kit comes with:

  • 5 - Hinged Cock Rings
  • 5 - Numbered Plastic Locks
  • 1- Brass Lock
  • 3 - Sizing Spacers and 3 Sizing Pins
  • 1 - Decorative Box

Measurements: The curve is 3.75" in length. The inside of the cage measures 1.45" vertically in diameter and 1.35" horizontally

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Reviewed: Thursday 19 November, 2015 by Anonymous

I am locked in this now for my girlfriend/Mistress who enjoys keeping me locked up as it keeps me focusing on her, making her happy in the hopes that she will have mercy and release me. My only complaint with this device is that it doesn't "breathe" the greatest, but i am bale to keep myself clean with it on for her, just takes a bit extra effort.

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Reviewed: Saturday 07 February, 2015 by Steven Locked

Ordered this Monday and got it we stay this device is no joke I ahbe had both cb 2000 and bird locked and this by far is the most secure wish there were points to go with it. Wife has had me locked in it since and has done nothing but enjoy getting me on the cage and uncomfortable the entire time.

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Reviewed: Friday 22 August, 2014 by angela reynolds

I bought this for my husband because I caught him masturbating. It is an excellent product he cannot get free from it and I have total control over him. I am now really getting into male chastity and keeping him without any relief for longer periods knowing that there is no way he can cheat again.

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Reviewed: Saturday 04 January, 2014 by Debbie White

I recently took control of my man, he is now my slave as it should be. He obeys my every command now that I have his cock locked up. I highly recommend this to every woman. I make the rules now and I enforce strict discipline with my whips and my strapon cocks! I have all the lovers I want and he goes without orgasm unless I allow it. Every wife or girlfriend should have their inferior males locked up with one of these! I couldn't be more satisfied, he is attentive and obedient now!

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Reviewed: Sunday 04 August, 2013 by Tom van Diepstraten

I was excited and happy with the curve. I own 5 different devices including a cb 3000 (too small actually) and a bon4-L I find it a good device the curve and it is great for my size willy. After 4 - 5 days it started to pinch a bit, not too bad but what irritated me was is started to to get some kind of smell even though I tried to clean it (while wearing) When we finally took it of the cage dropped on the bathroom floor and it cracked, I couldn't believe it. Anyway one could also say that was my fault but I had it only for a few weeks and now it is useless, no warranty on that crack. Still it was an ok device, strange though this smell it started to get inside the hard plastic. I am back to my bon4L it simply is a much better device for those who are shaped big. Still I would give the curve 3 out of 5 stars because it was ok when it was not broken.

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