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The CockCuff Chastity Device


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$158.00 $99.95
Rating: (22 reviews)

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100% Steel Male Chastity Encasement

Handcuff your slaves desires with the CockCuff Chastity Cage. This device is made from a stainless steel handcuff and has a steel tube welded to the front to make sure all pleasure is under your lock and key! The opened end allows for use 24-7. The CockCuff does not come with additional rings and chain as pictured above. Now improved: The device comes with an L-shaped bar extending from the penis lock to halfway over the cage. It's used to balance and sturdy the product.

Measurements: Inside diameter of the tube is 1 3/8 inches, tube length is 3.5 inches.


Staff Feedback by Pete:

I like the fact that when I wear the CockCuff I know I'm totally encased in all steel. My Master uses it on me as punishment and it can be uncomfortable at times. I personally would rather have my Master put me in my CB-3000 because they are easier to wear long term and are more adjustable. Yet, the psychological affect the CockCuff has on me is more intense.

Picture provided by William,

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Reviewed: Monday 19 August, 2013 by Anonymous

wonderful... this is where my dick alwas belonged ....according to my ex girlfriend whobought this for me and put it on me while i was tied spread eagled to the bed she broke the keys and threw my clothes out.

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Reviewed: Saturday 10 August, 2013 by Anonymous

Amazing! the first time I saw it in a film I went looking for it and found it here! I love the weight of the metal. Totally a must have for any chastity fan!

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Reviewed: Saturday 05 January, 2013 by Anonymous

If you are larger in size, this product is for you. If you're not well endowed like me, don't buy. The handcuff will not secure me on the tightest setting.

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Reviewed: Sunday 06 May, 2012 by Anonymous

I have had my Houdini for over 5 years and have tried many modifications on this device to help support the weight of the device. I fashioned a chain waistband along with chains in the rear that connected to the waist. This looked good and was functional, but was too difficult putting it on and taking it off. Next I fashioned a single stretchy strap the goes in-between my legs and up to the waist band, which is made from the same material. The waist band opens up larger when putting it on and the crotch strap shortens. Once your penis is in the tube and your balls are trapped by the cuff, the waste can be tightened up to lengthen the crotch for comfort. Once both straps are comfortable the device is hugging your body snugly. I didn't like the fact that the penis head was exposed and could cause climax if stimulated. I found a flat stainless steel washer at the local hardware store that fits the inside diameter of the tube perfectly. In fact, I have to use a small hammer to tap it into position at the end of the tube. Once that is in place, there is no access to my penis at all. The hole in the middle of the washer allows urine to escape. I used a cushioning type of tape on the bottom part of the cuff and that eliminated any chafing. I put it on completely dry, without using any thing, and have wore it for 11 days before removing it for cleaning. The washer at the end, seals the deal.

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Reviewed: Sunday 06 May, 2012 by Chris, Linda\'s \'boy-toy\'!

My Mistress grinned from ear to ear when I came back from the post office with a package for her. After she handcuffed my hands behind my back, she opened the package, pulled out theHoudini, then crammed my penis through the cold steel tube and clicked the cuff tight around my cock and balls, telling me my only purpose in life from then on was to make her happy! That was over two months ago and it’s been hell ever since. Not only do I do all of my ‘duties’ such as cleaning her apartment, washing and folding her clothes, fixing her dinner, and going to V.S. with her to buy her her panties, all while I’m wearing theHoudini, she also has me get down on my knees with my hands helplessly handcuffed behind my back, and WORSHIP HER ASS until I’m panting with want! Then she’ll bend over and spread her lovely legs, and make me nuzzle my nose between the cheeks of her round rump and use my loving lips and talented tongue to LICK and SUCK the savory CREAM from the crotch of the sheer pair of panties she wore to work while she watches my enslaved cock SWELL and my blue balls BULGE with want!! Then, when she knows I can’t take any more, she shoves a DILDO-GAG into my moaning mouth and makes me ‘FUCK’ HER from BEHIND, then she lays me on my back and ‘FUCKS’ MY FACE for four or more hours until she’s COMPLETELY satisfied!! Then, when she’s finally finished ‘FUCKING’ MY FACE she’ll remove the dildo-gag from my moaning mouth and ORDER ME to LICK THE DILDO CLEAN and EAT HER OUT!!! Yes, you guessed it. eXtreme Restraints is her favorite place to shop! Their variety of imaginative and devious devices helps her keep me ‘in-line’ and horny, hard, and HELPLESS!by Chris. my Mistresses ‘boy-toy’!

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