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The CB6000S Chastity Device


The CB6000S Chastity Device The CB6000S Chastity Device The CB6000S Chastity Device The CB6000S Chastity Device
Rating: (74 reviews)
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Keep his cock under lock and key with the CB600S Chastity Device!

The CB6000S is a stimulating chastity device that is similar to the regular CB6000 chastity device except the cock cage is .75" shorter in length (This cage is 2.5" in length as opposed to the 3.25" of the regular CB6000 cage). This helps benefit men who have shorter cocks but still want to enjoy the pleasure of chastity play with their partner. This model has some enhancements and improvements over previous models, while retaining that same high quality chastity feel, comfort and usability.

Features Overview:
  • There are three interlocking pieces that fit together to create one complete device.
  • There are two guide pins that hold the top pieces together with a locking pin connecting the cage to the ring.
  • The Hinge has been removed for added comfort.
  • The Locking mechanism has been improved to make it easier to change the rings.
  • Redesign of the cage allows for a more comfortable fit during long term use.

The model is made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate and the cage has vented slots for quick drying. The bottom opening allows to ease of use at the urinals.

Sizing: The rings come in 5 sizes: 1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8" and 2" (each measurement is in diameters). The cage length is 2.5" with an inside diameter of 1 3/8".

Package Contents:

  • 1 Cage Portion
  • 5 Rings of Different Sizes
  • 4 Locking Pins
  • 4 Spacers
  • 1 Brass Padlock with 1 Key
  • 5 Individually numbered plastic locks
  • 1 Sleek storage case (zippered and embossed).

Note: The rings of the CB6000 do not interchange with the CB3000 or the Curve. There are no Points of Intrigue available (at this time) for this product.

Plastic Locks: Each order receives 5 plastic locks, all individually numbered to assure that it's tamper-proof. Once the plastic locks have been engaged, the only method of removal is to cut the plastic lock itself.

Safety: Use a numbered plastic padlock when you know you're going to be going through metal detectors. Use a silicone lubricant after showering to allow your penis to easily slip into the CB6000. As you adjust, you should be able to wear the CB6000 for longer periods of time, until you can achieve the ultimate goal of wearing it 24/7.

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Reviewed: Thursday 05 January, 2017 by anthony wills

Must say very good however, have tried all types of lubrication also sports tape but for me it is not possible to wear 24/7 because of my balls getting a sore, fantacies and realities do not believe the adverts

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Reviewed: Tuesday 09 August, 2016 by Anonymous

Am I the only one that has stumbled across the design flaw in these cages or am I the only one who cares? First off let me say excellent product I really love it and so does my mistress definitely would recommend it. Now saying that, in my opinion there is a design flaw in the security of the device as it can be slipped off simply by removing the two guide pins from the device and then removing the sheath while the device is still locked. I don't know if this was intentional or not but it was quickly remedied by drilling a small hole into each guide pin and using some rigid jewelers wire (the kind to make ear rings) made a j hook at one end and an eyelet at the other. This allowed us to slide the guide pins into place thread the j hook through the hole in the guide pin and place the eyelet over the center lock pin beneath the lock. Now since I've done that the guide pins can't be pulled out without first removing the lock. Only downside is it reduced the structural integrity of the guide pins because of the hole, going to be looking into making different ones out a stainless steel.

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Reviewed: Thursday 07 July, 2016 by Anonymous

Well to keep my wife happy as suspicions of chatting or going out and straying when she is at work we ordered a cb6000 yes it works well and found the second ring down in size fits best for me , need to use a good lube as well for placement into the tube only issue is the penis shrinks back so the cb6000s has been ordered to prevent that issue of shrinking back if that does not happen it is still a good cage the wife has the key at all times , shaving or waxing is imperative to prevent catching and pulling and wearing daily no issues yes , the wife unlocks at night to allow cleaning when in the shower but overseas the placement and locking as soon as awake in the morning ,,,, best ever item we that has been bought for the cock to keep it happy , yes not noticeable even under the nicest panties lace see through are all good no t seen under trousers or jeans A HAPPY HAPPY USER

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Reviewed: Friday 20 May, 2016 by Mike Smith

My wife made me replace my CB6000 with a CB6000S and am so glad she did . When worn all day and for days / weeks on end the CB6000 was simply too long and my glans constantly kept coming out of contact with the inner surface thus losing all stimulus . The CB6000S has well and truly recitified that little problem . It is extremely comfortable and totally unnoticable under my everyday clothes . It is extremely easy to put on . We are experimening with me watching her with other men while caged and trying to supress my erections , it is indescribably sensous and a massive trn on for us both but especially me as the ring tugs hard around the base of your balls as you become aroused . I can highly recomend the CB6000S to anyone .

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Reviewed: Friday 22 April, 2016 by Anonymous

Hello. Just received CB6000S. I don't think that my willy is big (fits nicely), just my ball sack is not as stretchy and my balls looks very squeezed. It doesnt hurt, just not look as comfortable as on the picture here. i'm using the biggest ring. Also this is my first chastity device and I bought S version so its less noticeable under the pants. But I don't think I can go outside without people noticing....

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