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The Bird Cage Chastity Device with Harness


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$195.00 $149.00
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Size: Medium

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Fulfill your ultimate fetish fantasies and strap into the Bird Cage Chastity Device with Harness--or lock up your lover! Enjoy the power of restricting his erection and prolonging the sexual anticipation with this sexy restraint device. The Bird Cage Chastity Device will prevent the wearer from achieving a full erection, no matter how much teasing and pleasure he receives! Simply place the cock ring behind the balls and snap into the harness, then place the penis inside the cage. Fit the two together and then lock up using the included secure padlock and key. The metal and leather will look amazing against his skin for as long as you decide to make him wear it!

Bird Cage Chastity Device with Harness Specs and Benefits:

  • Harness is leather with locking metal buckles. Size is adjustable: fits waists approx. 30" to 45". Middle strap also adjusts.
  • Size (Medium) - (Cock Ring): 1.75" inside diameter; (Cock Cage): 6" total length and 5.5" in circumference
  • Size (Large) - (Cock Ring): 2" inside diameter; (Cock Cage): 6" in total length and 5.5" in circumference
  • Material: Chrome-plated Steel
  • Keeps your male partner from obtaining a full, complete erection
  • Comes in 2 sections: a cock ring that goes behind the balls and a cage enclosure for the cock
  • Includes a lock and keys

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    Reviewed: Saturday 31 May, 2014 by frazier m.

    Great device. Secure and comfortable. The only problem is that it is chrome plated and not stainless steel. After about a half a year it started to rust. Good while it lasted, but not for the long run.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 12 October, 2011 by Anonymous

    This is an awesome product! It's extremely comfortable, unless you want to really feel it then if you tighten the side straps, it will give you that secure, locked in feeling. I must be a little smaller than the average, cause I had to make some extra holes in the ass strap cause it was just kinda dangling there, and not behaving like a g-string. It also meant that the chastity device was pulling forward too far, and was making it feel like my balls were about to get ripped off (a problem if you don't have a way of holding the cage back). Also, the ass strap buckle has a lock-loop which tends to punch holes in whatever I sit down on. Makes for a bit of a giveaway sign. Whenever I get hard though, the device pulls forward, and restrains me quite nicely, and I can't quite get hard enough to get in that "I'm ready to go!" state. my cock also fills the ring and pushes hard against the metal, causing a different kind of pain/discomfort. Whenever I'm not hard, I can wear this harness quite comfortably, and it doesn't show under my clothes at all. I can even sleep pretty well in it, until I wake up with a raging pissfat trying to break out. All in all...I love it!

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