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Strict Leather Stallion Guard


Stalion Guard Male Chastity Device
Strict Leather Stallion Guard Strict Leather Stallion Guard
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The Stallion Guard keeps it in his Pants

The Stallion Guard is an inexpensive, yet effective device. The leather cock cage is designed to confine the penis within a locking steel cage and prevents erections by creating pressure on the enlarging cock. In addition, the stallion guard has a locking leather cock ring that surrounds the cock and balls to hold the cock cage in place. This is a great entry-level male chastity device, however for a premium experience or long-term use we recommend the use of The Curve or CB-3000 since they rank highest in comfort and security.

Stallion Guard Specs:
The Stallion measures 3 1/2 inches long and almost 2 inches in diameter. It has three locking size adjustments from 1 3/4 inches all the way to 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Note: Lock pictured above is sold separately.

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Reviewed: Thursday 06 June, 2013 by Danny Spanker

Those who want a true chastity device should keep looking. A pair of good scissors will free you from this. Itsgood at what it does but I would reccomend against wearing it for more than a night at a time.

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Reviewed: Monday 23 July, 2012 by Anonymous

It pinches and not in a good way.

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 March, 2012 by Anonymous

I did not have any good luck with this thing. Where the leather attaches to the metal it pinched a lot and left marks that bled. Even after some modification if I became very limp it would fall right off and the cage was very noticable even in jeans. We ended up cutting the leather off and using 2locks to attach it to a 2" metal ring I bought at the hardware store. Both modified and unmodified really benefited from using a sock on my member to stay comfortable. We ended up buying a bon-4 from here and there is no comparison. If you are thinking of getting into chastity, i would save for one of the better ones from here like the bon-4 or jailhouse.

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Reviewed: Saturday 24 December, 2011 by kisa sutton

My boy bitch calls me mistress k. i keep his cock locked in this cage i let hiim cum once a month i milk every drop

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Reviewed: Wednesday 21 December, 2011 by Miss Thang

My Secret boyfriend ordered it for me to lock his cock up from his wife……he’s so turned on by me, and I did not want his wife to benefit from the Hardness I made him have. So when he received to package in the mail we met the following night. I was so excited to strap the sexy leather strap around his balls,  stick his dick into the metal cage, and lock it shut, it was a BIG turn on. Then I unlocked it, and sent him home. Big mistake. The next morning he met me again he thought I should lock him up  and take the key. Boy did I take advantage of that. It felt so good knowing  only I could unlock him. we had sexual email conversations all day, and he was so sexually frustrated, and told me it was uncomfortable when he was hard, so we met that night so I could give him the key. Big mistake again! Turns out he loved the feeling  his cock felt all day  in the cage. So  we made plan on a Tuesday to meet I told him to dress his dick in the cage before I I get there.. Now its  time to correct all the big mistakes I made….. Ill let you know how it turns out….

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