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Sado Chamber Silicone Chastity Device


Sado Chamber Silicone Chastity Device Sado Chamber Silicone Chastity Device Sado Chamber Silicone Chastity Device Sado Chamber Silicone Chastity Device
$120.00 $89.95
Rating: (5 reviews)
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Keep your partner's cock comfortably at-bay with this Sado Chamber Chastity Device

Designed for long-term wear, the Sado Chastity Device is flexible and lightweight. When applied, your partner will be unable to accomplish a full erection, no matter how aroused they are (from your teasing). The cage and rings are made entirely of silicone.

Just choose one of three available rings and place it behind the cock and balls. Slide the cage over the cock and use the straps to tie down the cage. You can use a padlock or temporary locks for extra security. The cage of the piece is ventilated, allowing the wearer to wash without removal.

The Sado Chamber comes complete with a silicone cock cage, three sized rings, two tie down straps, a padlock with two keys, and five individually numbered plastic locks.

Sado Chamber Silicone Chastity Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Rings: 1.5, 1.75, and 2 inches in diameter; Cage: 4.35 inches in length, 1.25 inches in diameter
  • Material: Silicone, plastic, metal
  • Color: Clear
  • This chastity cage is designed for long-term, comfortable wear
  • Use a padlock or numbered locks for extra security
  • The cage will prevent your partner from achieving a full, complete erection

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    Reviewed: Thursday 18 May, 2017 by Single Locked male

    Not my first cage, had got one of those stainless steel spiral ring type. It rusted at the weld spots inside the tube after a couple weeks on and off use. Plus the open end cap bars pinched my tip when I had clothes on. The sado is tricky to get on, I ended up going with the middle size ring. Tried the smallest one but that was impossible to get on. Love how it looks, I got the black version. Can wear it overnight and in public no problems. I even went to a sex shop and asked the cute girl behind the counter if she could tell I had it on after she gave me a guided tour. She couldn't lol. Only issue with it is if I rub the cage for a long enough time I can orgasm, it's a super frustrating ruined one but still. Made a game out of it, that shop I mentioned earlier sold me this warming tingle lube and this orgasm delay lube and I flip a coin and one or the other gets squirted in the tube and I try to rub one out with the cage on. Perfect just wish I had a keyholder :)

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    Reviewed: Sunday 27 March, 2016 by Tn Slut

    Absolutely love this devious device! Was a little challenging to get on, needed an extra set of hands to Aline everything and lock it down, but once on you can't escape it! Only slight complaint is a little chafing around the Scrotal region when walking around, but that may just be because I have a large package. Would definitely order again in a heart beat! Been locked for going on 48 hours and hoping it never comes off! Thanks extreme restraints

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 10 February, 2015 by Anonymous

    I've been using this device for about 9 months... not 9 months straight, but varied periods of time. I had a CB-6000 and after the rings broke and the frustration of random pinching we thought we'd give this a try. My first complaint, was the ring sizes. The smallest was impossible for me to get my balls through. The next size up was a significant jump in size but that's what I had to use. It was comfortable to wear. As others stated, the cage is huge! Lots of extra room in there. With a little lune or precum I could get off. Under my clothes I felt like it stood out. But I still wore it for days or weeks at a time. But under my gym clothes it was a pretty significant bulge. So my big problem... after a few months, two minor years started forming around the ring. It started giving small pinch points. The other night my master let me take it off, and while he watched me uncage, the ring portion tore off making it now useless. So that was pretty disappointing.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 04 September, 2014 by Anonymous

    After spending a few weeks in the Sado Chamber Silicone Chastity Device, I have to say that it's not exactly what I'm looking for, and some things probably need to be cleared up. First of all, I read the device was intended for long-term wear. And on this front, it does accomplish two things; it's moderately comfortable and it's impossible to get off if fitted correctly.I had relatively no pinching while using the device. However, there is a lot of misdirection too... My first problem is with the size of the cage itself. I am a pretty small sissy boy, so I can't hold it against the maker for not having my sissy cock in mind. But the cage was rather large. I maybe had an inch from the tip of the cage to the tip of my penis. It's a lot of room. So much room, that I can actually tug on my cage while it's locked on me to get stimulation. Not a lot, but it is enough to get off. I couldn't get the cage off, but I certainly came like a naughty boy. But, this brings up another problem with the cage. It's hard to conceal under clothing. I have to tuck my little clit between my legs, pointed down to even attempt to conceal it! This wouldn't be a problem if it held the balls differently, but it keeps them between the legs; and you're in for some bad chafing if you don't take prevenative measures. That, and I couldn't wear anything but brief panties while in the cage. If you're looking for a cheap silicone cage that you might use for a night, or day where you won't be very active, then this is a good device that is inescapable, with decent comfort. If you're looking for something to wear every day for a long time, keep looking. The Sado Chamber misses the mark, but with some improvements, it could be a keeper.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 27 August, 2014 by Puppy Boi

    While the chastity device is certainly a bargain buy, it warrants some.... clarification. Firstly looking at the good side, we have a lot: the cage is comfortable, doesn't pinch, and easy to put on. I figured it out in 3-5 minutes. It's also secure: There's no way I could get out of this thing without the key, or some very painful, manual castration. And, it's a good buy, coming with three different sized rings to experiment with. I consider myself an average boy, coming just at 5 inches erect, and had plenty room in the cage, but nowhere near enough to get out. Lastly, the pee-hole works, and i can easily use the bathroom, as long as i'm sitting down. But, it's time to look at the bad: And the most obvious of this is the device's size. It's... rather large, and bulky. Long term wear? Maybe if you were a stay at home sissy boy. You'd be hard pressed to wear this under anything but a skirt, or dress. I could barely fit this thing in my panties - even some of my bigger brief pairs for wearing under a skirt, and no matter what, it felt awkward stashing my locked away clitty in these garments. So it's size is an issue; although it is the biggest one. Lesser ones include the device being rather tight on my balls, and half choking them. It's not cutting off circulation, but it's not far from it. But, I can't go up a ring size, because at that point, I can escape the device. It's also... time consuming... to put on - the ring size takes plenty of tugging on my cute coinpurse to pull it through to the other side, and it wasn't pleasant. And, since I can't wear it to work, I have to take it off every day when I go to work, and put it on as soon as I get home. But, overall, I cannot be too harsh on the thing. It does what it claims to do: Keep little sissies like me from getting stiffies in their panties, and diapers. And, at a wonderful price, as opposed to some of the extremely pricey ones. My Master and I enjoy it, although I suppose I'll have to keep looking for a device that I can wear under my work clothes. If you're not afraid of a slightly bigger, bulkier cage, I definitely recommend the Sado Chamber. But if you're like me, and looking for a stealthier cage, keep looking.

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