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CB3000 Male Chastity Belt


CB3000 Male Chastity Belt CB3000 Male Chastity Belt
Rating: (118 reviews)
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Put your lover on lockdown with the CB3000, the ultimate in male chastity devices. This updated version utilizes the standard cage design of the CB3000 with the flat three-ring interlocking design of the CB6000 for a lock that offers maximum security. He will not be able to pleasure himself or achieve a full erection to satisfy you until you decide he is ready. Strap in to this lightweight, durable lock that is sure to keep him in place and willing to do whatever you say! Comfortable enough to wear long-term, this chastity device is contoured to the male shape and has holes for both ventilation and urination. Experience what it is like to take control and hold the key to pleasure!

Measurements: Cage is approx. 3 inches in length and approx. 1.4 inches in diameter. Included rings come in the following approximate sizes: 1.5 inches, 1.625 inches, 1.75 inches, 1.875 inches, and 2 inches.

Material: Medical-grade polycarbonate. Hypoallergenic.

Color: Clear.

Note: Includes 1 cage, 5 different size rings, locking pins and spacers, 1 brass padlock, and 5 individually numbered plastic locks. Black carrying case also included.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 29 November, 2016 by Clair Penn

Bought this after reading recommendations after finding my husband had for sometime being using my knickers to pleasure himself, and after some discussion we thought prevention through constraint would be the best thing. It fits him perfectly being on the rather small size and its design is excellent for maintaining hygiene. I bought an expensive small padlock which goes very well with the CB3000. This has certainly elevated his disgusting habit and prevented him messing up my rather expensive lingerie. For a bit more embarrassment I bought him a set of five M&S teenage girl cotton bikini briefs for him to wear and look after, and being rather tight on him he looks the perfect sissy. When he's released on a two weekend cycle he's allowed to mess into the briefs and then I lock him up again, but make him wear the wet sticky smelly briefs for the rest of the day as punishment, absolute pleasure for me! His masturbation habit has now declined after four months with the threat of exposing his condition to friends hanging over him so hopefully this has done the trick.

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Reviewed: Thursday 09 June, 2016 by Anonymous

I have never been so pleased with a product! I love wearing the CB3000 and my balls are now of Bull quality! I have removed the plastic spacer and added another ring instead. Now my balls hang much lower than my cock. I am so so happy!! Thank you for your wonderful chastity device.

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Reviewed: Monday 18 April, 2016 by Anonymous

Where can I find a CB 2000 that worked best for me but it looks as though they are not sold anymore.....? [Editors Response: I am sorry but ExtremeRestraints does not offer the CB2000 as CBX no longer makes this model. But we do have a great selection of other chastity devices to choose from!]

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Reviewed: Friday 17 July, 2015 by Richard Less

My Master keeps me in a pink version of this device 24/7. I am kept around the house as a full time slave, nude 24/7 in just a collar and this device. I moved in with him on May 1st 2015 and am kept in this all the time. My Master enjoys the fact that he can keep me in this device, unable to even masturbate while he has me suck off him and his friends. The pink device version is extra humiliating and even works on a guy with a small erection like mine (only 3").

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Reviewed: Wednesday 19 March, 2014 by Anonymous

My boyfriend and I have always had what I guess you could say a; 'Dom+Dom' relationship. Both of us enjoy teasing one another, and when it comes to the bedroom, it's usually the one who can make their move the quickest who gets to have their way. As such, we're constantly finding ways to make one another a little more obedient; all in good fun. And the CB3000 has become sort of an ace up my sleeve ever since I got it about three months ago. When it arrived, my boy got to it first, but like a gentleman he didn't open it - lucky me. Anyhow, two nights after that, he fell asleep before I did. Now, he's a very heavy sleeper. I'm sure a meteorite could fall in our backyard and he would not wake up. So at this time, I managed to get the chastity on after a bit of fiddling. The next morning was both hilarious and exciting to me. I couldn't believe how well it worked either. Usually, he'd put up a bit of a playful scuffle in bed. But 10 minutes after he was awake, he was already begging me to take it off him. But no such luck for him. I felt like being a little sadist, so left it on him for the rest of the week for a little experiment. At the end of the week, I promised I would let him out at the end of next week as long as he played along with a little fetish of mine that I've always had; cross-dressing males. I managed to get him to wear panties for the entire week - both out and about, and indoors - and even used a few toys in his ass while keeping him tied up. And like an obedient puppy, he put his panties on like a good boy when I requested, and hardly struggled when it came time to pump his ass every other night of the week. Unfortunately, I didn't have any cute outfits for him to wear at the time other than some nice panties, but I'm making arrangements to get some nice clothes for the boy. When I've gotten a maid outfit here, a pretty dress there, maybe even some diapers and pacifier gags if I'm feeling very sadistic and want to rreeaallyy humiliate him, I'll begin planning to get it back onto him in the future. He still doesn't know where the key is, so he's usually attempting to sleep on his stomach now, but he doesn't know that he unconsciously rolls over in his sleep. Best not to tell him so I can have some more fun. Overall, this is a great product. He never seemed to be in pain (I don't want to have my boy in TOO much pain), and he had no problem wearing it for the entire week. Here's to hoping I can pick up some more products from here soon.

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