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CB6000S Black Chastity Cage Kit

SKU: AG927

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CB6000S Black Chastity Cage Kit

SKU: AG927

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A Black Prison of Lust

Key Features:

  • Durable & Lightweight: The medical grade polycarbonate is durable, lightweight and built for comfortable, long-term wear.
  • Adjustable: Kit includes multiple locking pins and spacers that allow you to adjust for the perfect fit.
  • Locks for Travel & for Everyday Use: Use either of the 2 brass locks for long-term wear. For travel, switch to one of the 5 numbered plastic locks to avoid triggering any metal detectors during travel.
  • Cum-Thru Tip: A cum-thru tip makes urinating easy and mess-free. Ventilated sides also make it easy to clean and improve hygiene.
  • This durable and sexy polycarbonate chastity cage is meant for long-term wear and use. Perfect for those new to chastity as well as those who have experience, the ventilated sides and cum-thru tip make it easy to urinate, ventilate and keep hygienic and clean.

    Use your favorite water based lubricant to help slip the chastity cage on, then experiment with sizing; use the pins and spacers to find your perfect, snug fit. When you have the right sizing, have your Keyholder lock you into your own prison of lust. For travel, allow them to switch from one of the 2 brass locks over to one of the 5 numbered plastic locks. The plastic locks won’t set off a metal detector, keeping your secret safe! However, if you want to really play on the edge, leave the brass lock on and let them guess what that is in your pants that is setting the detector off...

    CB6000S Black Chastity Kit Specs:

    Measurements: Cage Length: 2.05 inches, Inner Diameter: 1.38 inches

    U-Ring sizes: #1-5 (#1: 2 inches, #2–1.88 inches, #3: 1.75 inches, #4: 1.63 inches, #5: 1.05 inches)

    Color: Black

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