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Caged Cougar Locking Chastity Cage

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Caged Cougar Locking Chastity Cage

SKU: AH130

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A Beast to Cage your Beast!

Key Features

  • Stunning Design: This stainless steel cougar head adorns your caged beast so you and your Mistress can enjoy a unique and stunning look!
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Two identical keys are included that lock the cage and the cock ring together so your shaft is kept securely imprisoned.
  • Cum-Thru Tip: The end of this chastity cage is the cougar's open mouth. It serves as a cum-thru tip that allows for long-term wear.
  • Three Rings: Adjust to the size that fits best with three graduated rings to choose from!
  • If you love chastity, why not treat your cock like a true beast that must be tamed? Get yourself this Caged Cougar cage and look down at the beast that is begging to be released from its cage each time you take off pants! The heavy weight of stainless steel is a constant reminder that you need to be kept locked up until your Mistress or Dom releases you. It also gently pulls down on your cock and balls while you wear it! Stainless steel is the premium choice for long-term wear as it is compatible with all lubricant types, non-porous, easy to clean with toy cleaner, isopropyl alcohol or boiling it when the cage is taken off, and it's durable and sexy! This cage has three graduated rings to choose from so you can pick the best fit. The locking mechanism uses a key to lock the cougar head and the ring into place. There are two identical rings included so you have a spare and can give the other to your Keyholder. At the end of the cougar's head is an cum-thru tip that looks like an open cougar mouth! This allows you to wear it longer, urinate with it on, and even increases airflow to your dick so you can keep yourself cleaner and more hygienic the longer you wear it. Enjoy this long-lasting, quality item for years!

    First, try on the three rings to find one that fits comfortably and securely over your balls and shaft. It should not cut off circulation, cause numbing or be difficult to take off. To put a ring on, treat it like any other cock ring and slip one testicle at a time through the ring, then pull your flaccid penis through. Adding a little bit of lubrication helps make this process easier. Once you've found the right size ring, slip the cougar head cage over your shaft while it is flaccid, connect the ring to the cage and lock it in place using one of the keys. To make this experience even better, involve a partner, Keyholder or Mistress/Master so they can put it on for you and then carry the key around their neck. Now They are the one to grant you your freedom when They see fit. For safety reasons, keep a spare key somewhere you can access for emergencies. After use, remove the cage and clean it with toy cleaner, an isopropyl alcohol spray, or boil it in hot water.

    Caged Cougar Locking Chastity Cage Specs:

    Measurements: Cage: 2.5 inches x 1.6 inches x 2 inches. Cage opening diameter: 1.25 inches. Ring inner diameters: 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, 2 inches.

    Materials: Stainless steel

    Color: Metal

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