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Trinity Vibes Silicone Butt Plug Kit


$40.00 $29.95
Rating: (5 reviews)

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The Trinity Silicone Butt Plug kit consists of 3 anal plugs that gradually increase in size. This gives a prime opportunity for partners who are new to the pleasures of anal sex to get used to using plugs as part of their regular sexual routine. The silicone butt plugs all have a ring at the end for ease of insertion, removal and use.


  • Small: 2" insertable length, 1" in diameter
  • Medium: 2.5" insertable length, 1.25" in diameter
  • Large: 3.25" insertable length, 1.5" in diameter


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    Reviewed: Friday 06 March, 2015 by kiwi bird

    I was against anal or anything in my bum period. My hubs ties my face down eagle and he worked me up to the large plug over the course of the day. now he takes me out to lunch with the large one in. perfect for beginners.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 03 December, 2013 by Anal Dreamer

    My husband is very against anal play so everything I do is in secret. I bought this set a while ago and worked my way to the middle plug - it still hurt, but I could get it in. I could only handle a few minutes with it in me so I gave up for a while. Recently I took the set out again and started again with the middle plug. I woked my way up to leaving it in for a few hours without pain - Yeah! Tonight...for the first time, I was able to insert the largest plug! I am so excited and creaming my PJs. My hubby is in the other room and has no idea of my anal secret! I feel so dirty and I love it. I think I'm ready to make another purchase soon because I'm really hungry for something bigger to fill and stretch me!

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 20 August, 2013 by Anonymous

    These plugs are well packaged and look good on the online catalog. The neck on the plugs are too short and don't nest well in the anal cavity. They have a tendency to easily slip out of the cavity not lending them for anal training.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 05 January, 2011 by Mr Suzysmaster

    I bought these for my wife/slave as a stocking stuffer for christmas and so glad I did. She has been my slave for several years now and has been slowly introduced to my love of anal play. These plugs are a little on the small size but perfect for making her wear all day. The first day she had them in she was begging me to fuck her in the ass after only wearing them for an hour or more. The smallest in the assortment is not really worth being in the kit, I wished they would replace it with a larger plug, something more noticable to the wearer. Overall this is a great purchase for the anal beginner, and a great way to lead into larger plugs. The shape and length are perfect, how about another kit with three more larger sizes.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 06 April, 2010 by Luv Pegging

    I have tried all different kinds of plugs and both me and my love these. They are the most used toys in my chest. Perfect sized to prepare for a good ramming and comfortable enough for casual use. I have worn these for long periods of time.

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