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The Ram and Cram Butt Plug


Ram and Cram
$58.99 $44.99
Rating: (52 reviews)

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The Ram and Cram Butt Plug - super-sized for more pleasure!

Despite it's size, the head is made to feel like an actual cock head. The pthalate-free PVC material that comprises this plug helps keep it durable, but comfortable and smooth for easy insertion and use. With a suction-cup bottom you can place the butt plug on the floor, against a wall or any other flat surface and give yourself hands-free access to pleasure.

Ram and Cram Butt Plug Specs:

Measurements: 9 inches in total length, 8.25 inches insertable, 4.45 inches in diameter.

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Reviewed: Saturday 23 July, 2016 by Hollywood Joe

Amazing toy! After a year of using and geyting it in all the way, this toy got stuck in my ass. It took 10 minutes of the wife pulling on it before if wrenched free. Thank god. My hole was so open for another hour, or was insane! Be warned - this thing can lodge deep in your butt, so don't go it alone! Base is too thin to pull it put yourself if that vacuum lock happens.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 05 July, 2016 by Lil\' Mo

An incredible experience! You will need to stretch both your outer and inner anus to get this guy in. I had already stretched outer to 4.5 and the inner to 2.5 and this was still a challenge! But each bump is positioned so that goes into both holes at the same time! Wow! Just a little uncomfortable when it's fully in because my ass tries to suck it down further. Be careful in there, people.

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Reviewed: Sunday 01 May, 2016 by Jane Florence

If you've never taken a toy this thick I would encourage you to lube up well and go slow. If you've taken greater than 11 inches thick then this toy should be no prob

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Reviewed: Thursday 28 April, 2016 by Liz Leander

Lube up well go super slow at first. Once the head slides in it feels amazing. ( Note) don't try to bottom out if this is your first time the head is 11.75 Inches thick, the neck 10 inches thick, on up to 15.2 inches thick at its widest point. Strech it out

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Reviewed: Saturday 26 March, 2016 by Gary Budke

Wow. Just got the regular, i am here to tell you don't let your eyes overload your a** and this time i mean literally, this thing is huge. I can not even get close to fitting this. It is nicely made, and does stand up to the abuse of trying to insert it, and trust me it has taken abuse. My BF and i have worked it in past the first bump but can not even get close to the second. i am real glad my BF had me get this and enjoy trying to get it in all the way, but that will definitely take some time.

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