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The Metal Spreader Anal Lock


The Metal Spreader Anal Lock The Metal Spreader Anal Lock The Metal Spreader Anal Lock
$300.00 $169.00
Rating: (20 reviews)

Add a new dimension to anal play with the Anal Lock

There have been anal plugs; plugs that insert into the anus and offer a visual appeal in addition to the stimulation. The Anal Lock creates a new dimension in anal play. When inserted, the wearer can feel the metal travel every inch of the cavity. Once fully inserted, a simple push of the back portion of the plug causes the inserted portion to expand.

Once expanded, the plug can then be secured with the included lock and key and control of the wearer's most sensitive of areas is handed to his/her partner. The bar handle on the plug allows for firm grip and gives you a chance to manipulate the plug at your desire. The black rubber band is designed to help the petals close uniformly, for easy retrieval.

The Anal Lock Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 5.63 inch overall length, 2.25 inch long expandable bulb, Collapsed Bulb has 1.8 inch max insertable diameter (5.5" in circumference), Expanded Bulb has 2.58 inch max insertable diameter (8" in circumference)
  • Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, rubber
  • Use the lock and key to keep the fully expanded plug in place
  • The bar handle allows for easy grip and manipulation of plug's position

  • If to be used other than novelty purposes, a condom should be used over the device for smooth entry.


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    Reviewed: Monday 17 October, 2016 by Anonymous

    Not just for your ass! My husband locked this in my pussy the night before my wedding and tool the key with him when he left the bridal sweet. I was left helpless at the mercy of this astounding piece of kit. Only after all the wedding guests had left and we were alone in the bridal suite as a newly married couple did my new husband produce the keys from his pocket, unlock the pear and reinsert ir in my ass before fucking me dry. I was dripping wet all day long - amazing bit of kit!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 09 December, 2015 by Anonymous

    Locking Metal Spreader best ass plug on market, once inserted and locked is pure EXTACY, just be sure to have key handy in bathroom or with Master or Mistress, as once locked, is next to impossible to remove.. - pig737727031

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    Reviewed: Friday 13 November, 2015 by Lord Cane

    I obtained this quite some time ago. Wonderful device and very happy to have an anal pear. I paid the $300, so the $169.00 is an excellent deal. Definitely use a condom. Helps with insertion as well as cleanup. Have used in all of my lg slaves cunts and asspussies and it works. YES, THE LOCK can easily be unscrewed by uisng the lock for leverage. locktite is not a sufficient option. I make sure the slave's hands are mitted or somehow restrained in a way they cannot get to it, and of course they do not know about it.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 08 August, 2015 by Debbie Wales

    Husband surprised me with this as we were hosting a bondage party for some like minded friends and I was to be the decoration for people to play with. We had said originally I would be tied to a table in a hogtie, but instead he flipped me onto my stomach inserted the lock into my pussy and locked it. Spread my legs and tied them to the table legs, my wrists were tied to the other table legs and one of your open mouth gags was fitted and I was helpless an vulnerable just the way I like it. Our guests enjoyed my predicament and both sexes enjoyed my open mouth and accessible arse, sometimes both together! I came a lot that night and swallowed a lot of cum as well. They were disappointed they could not use my pussy as well but the lock stayed put although a couple of people tried to remove it. After they had left husband also used my mouth then my arse and then released the lock and removed it but still left me tied to the table and then after cleaning the lock he inserted it into my arse and then fucked me in my sore but very willing pussy. A toy we will get a lot of use from used in conjunction with other things we have bought from you.

    Was this review helpful? 94   67

    Reviewed: Tuesday 28 July, 2015 by Yang Alex

    It is great! I bought it for my wife and she loves it when l insert to her ass and say:"Your ass is mine now!" Now she is wearing it!

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