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The Brass Knuckles Plug


The Brass Knuckles Plug The Brass Knuckles Plug
$20.00 $13.95
Rating: (4 reviews)

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Brass Knuckles Plug gives you a fistful of pleasure in a pleasure-packed toy

Impose your erotic will on your partner and dominate their pleasure with the Brass Knuckles Plug. Featuring a brass knuckle-like handle for an extra firm grip, this smooth plug with its realistic cock head will drive your lover wild no matter what hole you decide to stick it in! An exciting and attractive toy for partner or solo use.

Brass Knuckles Plug Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 8.5" total length, 6.5" insertable, 1.5" in diameter
  • Material: PVC
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Brass knuckle-style grip for a firm hold
  • Smooth shaft and realistic cock head
  • Perfect for anal or vaginal use

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    Reviewed: Monday 14 November, 2016 by Anonymous

    So I was a vip on Adam and eve I quickly found myself needing more and bigger. Which thank God for this site. But also sadly my wife just wasn't all that into the whole pegging and femdom thing as I am. So this toy made it excellent for self use. The wife based head feels great on your prostate it is a little tough to use in the shower because of the material it does take some easing if you go without for a few days. Its consistent not too hard not too soft that it bends which causes discomfort. I have tons of toys and this one is my favorite and go to when I just have that urge to have my P-Spot stimulated. Not for beginners as it is a stretcher

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    Reviewed: Monday 10 December, 2012 by juicy luvs fetish

    normally i wouldn't take the time to write a review but i have to tell you ladies this toy is a keeper. It will fuck your pussy or ass quite nicely with the knuckles there you can even fuck yourself !!! the price is so good but the experience is even better.... fanfuckingtastic...enjoy :)

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 29 August, 2012 by Anonymous

    Bought one a few months back. The little lady loves it. But as far as using it for a anal plug, way to large for her. But when I tie her up and pound her pussy with it she screams with delight. Have also used in conjunction with a wand massager. She shakes so hard and has multiples. We are using the the trainer plugs to get her ready for a good ass reaming. One more plug left before the fun begins. Awesome!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 05 October, 2011 by Anonymous

    Looking at this item I see a flaw that I wish to bring to everyones attention, a knuckle duster has the curve on the outside because your fist naturally curves downward from your middle finger... This product curves downward from the base of the plug as if it was your hand... meaning this toy is fine for solo use... but for use for 2 people one person is going to basically be slapping the other person while trying to use this toy as opposed to having the knuckles face the other way and you pushing the toy in with your arm. I'd recommend using a toy with a handle than this. [ Editor's Note: Usually we don't post reviews by people who haven't actually tried a product, but you bring up something that we're sure that others have noticed. We broke one out to test your assertion, and we're going to have to disagree. It's made of flexible pvc, so you can wear the knuckles either way. We tried it, and the edge rings bend back easily to mold to your fist. Even though that does work, you're not likely to use it that way most of the time. If you use it so that the dildo is coming off your palm you have more control while reaching down. So you have much more control with your dildo hand while you're focusing on your partner's upper body. Still, you can easily use it either way. ]

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