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Rectal Dilator Kit


Rectal Dilator Kit
$59.50 $43.95
Rating: (18 reviews)

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Rectal Dilators for Anal Training

These dilators not only feel good but are perfect for training. Training is great for those who want to accommodate a large "toy" or prepare for ass fisting. Starting with the smallest dilator butt plug and gradually working up to the largest dilator will stretch your anus so that it can accommodate larger objects. Use plenty of lube. Each dilator has a small hole on the tip to prevent pressure build up. Dilators made from ABS.

Measurements (from large to small):

  • Plug 1:
    • Shaft: 5.75" in circumference.
    • Head: 6.25" in circumference.
    • Length: 5".
    • Flanged Base: 2.5".
  • Plug 2:
    • Shaft: 5" in circumference.
    • Head: 5.5" in circumference.
    • Length: 4.75".
    • Flanged Base: 2.25".
  • Plug 3:
    • Shaft: 4.25" in circumference.
    • Head: 4.75" in circumference.
    • Length: 4.25".
    • Flanged Base: 2".
  • Plug 4:
    • Shaft: 3.5" in circumference.
    • Head: 4" in circumference.
    • Length: 3.75".
    • Flanged Base: 1.75".
  • Plug 5:
    • Shaft: 2.75" in circumference.
    • Head: 3.25" in circumference.
    • Length: 3.5".
    • Flanged Base: 1.5".

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Reviewed: Monday 24 November, 2014 by Anal Lynnette

I have had these dilators now for 6 yrs. My Mistress keeps me in the largest one for upwards of 8-16 hrs a day. The stretch is Fantastic, a little hard getting used to the hard plastic, but once in...they provide for a Good Stretch, prior to her fisting my mangina... Great Product.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 04 July, 2012 by anal whore

Master makes me wear these constantly. They only come out for an enema twice a day. The hard plastic is very uncomfortable at first, but after awhile, the body adjusts. i have now worn these plugs for 3 months straight with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Very good starter tool to work up to larger, more complex and harder-to-take plugs.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 23 November, 2010 by master and mistress

We are a married couple who switch and these toys have been a great addition to our arsenal of equipment. When I sub my master has me tied up, legs apart while he whips me, to make me concentrate he inserts one of these and I have to squeeze it tight and not let it fall out. The smaller ones are more difficult to hold in, each time I drop one I get 10 lashes more and we move to the next size up. Yes I usually end up with the biggest inside me!! great gaping feeling and anal sex is so good afterwards!! When I am mistress I sit him in his torture chair directly on the biggest plug and strap him down. he cannot escape the stretching, I then whip him, or try some cbt before mounting him and using his cock for my pleasure. The plug in his ass keeps his cock nice and hard for me!! We like the feel of the hard plastic. A bit of advice for extended wear, the holes can leak faecal matter and make a mess so we wear adult nappies beneath butt plug harness for some serious but practical humiliation.

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Reviewed: Monday 21 June, 2010 by Anonymous

I should've read the reviews before ordering, as it doesn't mention in the description that these are (as previously mentioned) made of very hard plastic. They do their job, but cannot be left in place for extended periods the way a "normal plug" can be. However the design of the traditional plugs are extremely uncomfortable for me. Thankfully, I had previously bought a large, similarly designed silicone plug, and these will be a great way to work up to it!

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Reviewed: Friday 12 March, 2010 by Anonymous

Very hard plastic. Not good for long (or medium) stretching sessions as the hard plastic rim at the bottom is more painful on your crack than the insertable is on your hole! Definitely a short time limit.

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