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Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Internal Core


Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Internal Core
Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Internal Core Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Internal Core Inflatable Butt Plug with Firm Internal Core
Rating: (20 reviews)
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Latex and Rubber Inflatable Butt Plug with Easy Purge Valve

Expand your pleasure with this soft yet firm toy. After inserting the plug simply inflate the head to your desired size with the soft rubber pressure bulb. When you're ready to release the pressure just press the easy-to-use push button purge valve. This butt plug contains a firm internal core making insertion easier than those that don't have one.

Inflatable Butt Plug Specifications:

The plug measures 4.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width(widest point). Inflates to an additional 1-2 inches in width. Comes with a nice sample of lube. Highly recommended.

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Reviewed: Sunday 15 November, 2015 by Dominus Angelorum

I've owned two of these so far, and both have failed after a few uses. The balloon is either weak in someplace or it is not firmly attached to the base. It did not take more than 5-7 pumps before each exploded. Unless the quality improves, I would not buy another.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 22 October, 2013 by Anonymous

Recommand it too! very addictive, give a lot of pleasure and when it's inflate, the anal plesure is at the top! it's an essential for men's bottom, you will never have enought of it! I wear it since 3 years, and can't do without.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 24 September, 2013 by Jim Cl

This is a great butt plug. I have used one for 4 yrs now and has held up great. I love how it expands my not only my butt opening but how it fills and stretches my insides to the max. I push mine right to the edge every time. I would definitely recommend it.

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Reviewed: Saturday 16 March, 2013 by Katie LB

I bought my first set of toys about three years ago along with this. Yes guys its not heavy duty and its basically a heavy balloon on a hard rubber plug. I will correct the site... many times I gave this thing 10-15 pumps. the highest I ever reached was 21. It measures about 5 inches wide then. The Pros... Cheap, beginner friendly, does not force itself out, and it lasted me two years with daily use. Im here looking for a heavier larger one.

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Reviewed: Friday 04 January, 2013 by Matthew DePree

Giving this a 3, the rubber is very thin on the part that inflates and the pump is an extremely hard plastic. Maybe over time it will soften up but it is not like a BP cuff with a soft easy pump.

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