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The Wireless Versi-Bullet


The Wireless Versi-Bullet The Wireless Versi-Bullet
$49.95 $39.95
Rating: (4 reviews)

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Enjoy remote pleasure with the wireless versi-bullet

Featuring 5 functions, this double bullet offers two ends for double the stimulation. With a bendable arm, you can utilize the two bullets to stimulate two areas simultaneously. One example is to use one bullet vaginally, while using the second bullet anally.

You can control the pleasure yourself, or hand the remote to a partner and let them determine just how much of a sensation you receive.

Wireless Versi-Bullet Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 9 inches in total length; Large bullet: 3 inches long, 1.25 inches in diameter; Small bullet: 2 inches long, 1 inch in diameter
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Batteries: Bullet requires (2) AAA batteries; Remote requires 1 12v battery (all batteries included)
  • Bullets feature 5 vibrating functions
  • You could use one bullet vaginally and one anally
  • Bendable arm lets you stimulate two areas at one time

    Note: Remove batteries from the remote control and vibrator when not in use. In order to receive a signal the vibrator has to be drawing power. Even without vibrating it will slowly drain the battery.

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    Reviewed: Monday 26 December, 2016 by Master Art

    This is a great device for playing with your sub inconspicuously while you're out in public. Be sure to remove the batteries from the vibe every time or you'll end up with dead batteries, or rusty device.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 24 July, 2016 by Dr\'s Sub Wife

    It was just another typical late Sunday morning when the kids were at my sisters for the weekend. Once again I was tied bent over the back of the armchair in my living room wearing only a Blindfold (AE143), 5.25" Platform Boots (PU127) and Wrist and Ankle Cuffs (AC986). My husband was pounding away at my pussy from behind while he worked a dildo into my ass - after 30 minutes he shot his load deep inside me. After untying me he usually likes me to clean his cock with my mouth, but this time he walked me across the room and pushed me against the wall. He secured my arms above my head and my legs wide apart - I was confused. I felt him drop down between my legs and start to finger my pussy and ass. He then inserted a dildo in my pussy and a butt plug in my ass - it felt amazing. When he took my blindfold off I realized that I was in the front coat closet secured to hooks that he installed in the ceiling and floor - all the coats were removed. He gave me a passionate kiss and looked into my eyes and said: "enjoy, but you might want to be quiet" - he then shut the door to the closet. I could see him moving around the living room through the louvers of the closet door. There was a knock at the door and two of his friends from the hospital walked in - they sat down in the living room. They were only feet away from me - my heart started to pound out of my chest. That was when my husband said: "Let's get this party started". With that he turned on the television to watch the football game. Just at that moment I was shocked to feel the Dildo and Butt Plug start to vibrate inside me. He left me like that for the entire game!! I must have cum over a dozen times - a few times I thought they may have heard me. What a great device for those times you want to keep your kinkiness "in the closet".

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    Reviewed: Saturday 02 July, 2016 by Anthony Stretz

    The wife guest got one of these for dayt nights she puts it in and gives me the remote she loves it when the server cums to take the order and I crank it to full power she was so wet I had to walk behind her to the car when we get there she gave me bj all the way home she loves it and makes me go to dinner a lot more than we used to😂 get one for your self it is worth it trust me couples that do anal need this toy

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    Reviewed: Thursday 10 March, 2016 by Anonymous

    Love how this feels! However, the remote isn't very strong and you have to be fairly close to get it to change functions. Also the only other problem that I had is that there was moister in the battery compartment after using and cumming. Not sure if there needs to be a better seal or what. But feels really good to have it vibrating in both spots while getting fucked.

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