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Purple 7-Speed Remote Control Egg


$59.95 $41.97
Rating: (11 reviews)

Enjoy making your partner wiggle and squirm with delight with this purple multi-speed egg. When situated inside of your partner, or even in the crotch area of a pair of underwear, you can use the wireless remote control to stimulate them from anywhere in the room. Imagine having your partner on the bed, while you sit in a chair and manipulate their pleasures. The possibilities are endless. Each speed setting has a different vibration.

Specifications: The purple multi-speed egg measures 2.25" in height and 1.25" in diameter. The remote requires 1 12v battery while the egg requires 2 N batteries. These batteries are included for immediate use but you can also purchase extra batteries (see related items below).

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Reviewed: Thursday 24 January, 2013 by Cypher 13

I can confirm this product is a waste of money. Frankly I'm a bit shocked they still offer it for sale after so many similar complaints. Bought it to use with the ex, hopefully in public. It worked out of the box then became HIGHLY intermittent. The remote had to literally be touching the antenna to work. Used it once, turned on then egg wouldn't respond to remote. Never worked again after that. Save your hard earned money for something more reliable.[ Editor's Note: Please keep in mind that you do have 30 day warranty against defects on all products that you buy from us. That starts from the day your receive it, not the day that you order it. Customer service will gladly send you a new egg at our expense. We still sell these because we get relatively few complaints compared to the number we sell. ]

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Reviewed: Tuesday 22 January, 2013 by Anonymous

I was so excited to receive this! It initially worked however I didn't have the opportunity to use it. I tried to turn it on again and NOTHING. I went through the expense of ordering new batteries. Again NOTHING. Absolute waste of money!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 04 July, 2012 by Kinked Kousin

Fantastic while it worked, shame it was only the once....not worth the hassle of refunding from the states....wont use this site again.

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Reviewed: Sunday 27 May, 2012 by Anonymous

Would love to know what this is made of. Silicon? Jelly? Listening to the latest Savage Lovecast has made me rather paranoid about anything that isn't silicone or stainless steel, or claims to be silicone and isn't. :|[ Editor's Note: There are far more materials than just silicone and jelly rubber compounds. Products, like this one,. that are hard with a velvety surface texture are generally hard plastic with a polyurethane coating. Polyurethane is a safe non-reactive substance. You're probably looking to avoid softer PVC based products. ]

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Reviewed: Wednesday 02 May, 2012 by Michael Boivin

Light on the remote lit up. Egg was d.o.a.... Probably get something further up the food chain... [ Editor's Note: You have a 30 day warranty against defects for precisely this reason. Also, make sure to check that all of the batteries are lined up right. Remote control toys are notoriously fiddly. ]

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