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Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure


Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure
Rating: (8 reviews)

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This is one of our staff's favorites! Why? Its so soft and comfortable. Form fitting and has an easy to close velcro strap that secures nicely around the head. Looks hot, feels great, and cuts out all light. What more can you ask for?

  • Leather lined, on the outside with a very comfortable cloth interior.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 18 July, 2012 by Anonymous

    Does not look or fit like the picture. Is too small to actually keep out the light and allows visiong beneath it. Not worth the money.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 29 December, 2011 by Pony Girl Drafter

    I had been wanting and eyeing this for a while, and I decided to buy it at last as a little treat to help grow my collection to tide me over and keep me from spending too much money, but also to have the satisfaction of having got something. As a sexually submissive person, I love the experience of being unable to control my environment or my partner, and this comfy little blindfold ensures a great experience.

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    Reviewed: Monday 19 December, 2011 by Tiffany Molina

    Did not fully keep the light out. I adjusted it several times but it was very comfortable and I couldnt see anything other then ligjt shining in feom the bottom. Over was a fun time with it.

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    Reviewed: Friday 06 August, 2010 by Anonymous

    This leather blindfold is a very nicely made product. My partner tells me that it is quite comfortable on her face, and it fits nice and snug with few light leaks. When I tie her up, I have her wear this over her 3-hole hood for a nice, cozy, sensory deprivation experience. It's a way better blindfold than the ones with the silly elastic bands, and it doesn't get tangled in her hair easily like the tie-on varieties. Well worth the price I paid.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 28 July, 2010 by Jer Flogger

    Great mask. Bought it to use on a friend of mine, along with some wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs. Haven't got to use them on my friend yet but I've used the mask myself to block out light while I sleep during the day. Velcro strap is great, very comfortable to sleep in so would imagine its comfy for long sessions. Can't wait to get my little slut into it...and the other stuff too. lol

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