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Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs

SKU: AE431

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Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs

SKU: AE431

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Arrest your lover and keep them under your command!... Read more...


Arrest your lover and keep them under your command!

Your partner isn't going anywhere once you've got them restrained in these Zip Tie Police Cuffs. Simple, lightweight, and secure, these cuffs can be used on the wrist and/or ankles to take full control of your lover while the squirm in pleasure. Insert the ends through the tabs in the center and make that naughty slut submit to your desires!


We both like really rough, spontaneous sex so I decided to surprise her one day with something she had told me always fantasizes about: being zip tied and fucked hard! I wait for her at home in the dark and as soon as she walks through the door and turns on the light, I stride towards her and turn her around, pushing her roughly against the wall. She moans as I pull her arms back and secure the Zip Tie Police Cuffs around each of her wrists, tight enough that she can't escape, but not so tight that her circulation is cut off. Then I reach under her dress and feel that she's soaking wet. "You slut!" I say in her ear. She moans even more. I drag her from the foyer into the living room and throw her down on the couch. She struggles to keep her balance, which just makes my cock even harder. I pull her panties off and stuff them in her mouth, muffling the sound of her desperate desire. Time to give that pussy what it craves.

Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs Specifications:

  • Measurements: Adjustable from 8 to 4 inches in circumference
  • Material: Plastic
  • Keep safety scissors nearby
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