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Black Feather Nipple Clamps

SKU: AE409

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Black Feather Nipple Clamps

SKU: AE409

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Tickle and tease those sensitive nipples with these adjustable clamps!... Read more...


Tickle and tease those sensitive nipples with these adjustable clamps!

Adorn yourself in a tantalizing pair of nipple clamps that tickle and tease your tits! Rubber tips grip the sweet nube of your nipples as you adjust the pinch to your pleasure with the thumb screw. Soft caress meets painful squeeze, these elegant and beautiful accessories with create a unique sensation for lovers of nipple play.


I know how much she loves to have her nipples played with. Licking, sucking, flicking, pinching, twisting, teasing... I obviously enjoy it too. When she comes home from work one evening, I tell her, "Keep your back turned," as soon as she closes the door behind her. She freezes, setting down her briefcase. Her perfectly respectable business-attire looks almost obscene as her body relaxes into the familiar submission. I walk up behind her and immediately blindfold her, listening to her breath quicken. I turn her around to face me, desperate (but not foolish enough) to rip her blouse open. I opt instead for unbuttoning it as hastily as I can with trembling fingers. Her top comes off, followed by her bra, and then her magnificent tits are fully exposed to me. There are a million things I want to do to them, but I've got a special surprise for her tonight. Pushing her back against the door, I grab one breast and expertly fix one feathered clamp just behind her nipple on the areola. Stunning. A quick intake of breath as her body stiffens and then relaxes with a moan. She reaches up to feel the feather, a new sensation with a clamp, but I tell her, "Hands at your sides." I quickly clamp her other nipple and take a step back to admire her beauty in the high heels, black pencil skirt, and Black Feather Nipple Clamps. Leaning in, I whisper so that my breath ghosts across the clamps, "I'm going to lead you to the bedroom now."

Black Feather Nipple Clamps Specifications:

  • Material: Feather, metal
  • Measurements: Approximately 5 inches in total length, clamps open up to 0.6 inches wide
  • Decorative nipple clamps offer a solid pinch and squeeze
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