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Ostrich Tickler


Ostrich Tickler Ostrich Tickler
Rating: (6 reviews)

The sensual feel of one of these ticklers will have your partner moving and panting with delight. These beautiful purple feathers (14" in length) are attached to a black plastic 19" handle, so you can tickle your partner from a slight distance. Imagine blindfolding your partner and then using this tickler to make them squirm and anticipate your every move. You'll have control, and both of you will enjoy every moment.

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Reviewed: Saturday 04 June, 2016 by Tridha Basu

Both me and my college roommate are ticklish. We use this a lot on each other. This is extremely well made, and leaves the victim sweat-drenched after every tickle-torture session. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to buy more items from this site as there aren't any toy shop near our place.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 04 December, 2012 by Anonymous

Bought this in conjunction with the tether straps. My wife LOVED it. When I pulled out she dripped all over the floor. Then she squirted and wet me. The last time she we the bed. The tethers and the feathers added a lot to her experience.

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Reviewed: Sunday 18 December, 2011 by Anonymous

I'm actually the victim of this tickler,my evil and cruel partner uses it on me after a long fucking and punishing time when I'm tied to the bed.And I love every single minute of it!!!this is a great product that makes me squirm and scream when in use!! I always look forward to it,and it's so effective that u can apply it anywhere,it will always make ur victim scream of pleasure!!!!

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Reviewed: Thursday 06 May, 2010 by Anonymous

I was surprised by the quality of this tickler! It's soft and very very sensual. The handle can be used on buttocks for a good effect but I wouldn't go too hard as it's pretty solid (although it COULD break) and not 'whippy' enough. My S.O. hates being tickled though - so this toy is a great punishment for her! For me, it feels sensual and very very ticklish - I'd recommend this for any one just starting out for anyone who needs a toy of this type.

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Reviewed: Saturday 07 November, 2009 by Anonymous

I use this for teasing my man while he is tied up. He squirms like there is no tomorrow.

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