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A Kinky Twist on Classic Halloween Costumes!

By Bryn Wolf 10/21/2022

With Halloween creeping up, now's your perfect chance to put together an outfit that is fun and sexy! There are many ways to play and now that you're all grown up, why limit your expression? Whether you're imitating a character or dressing up for a fetish-themed Halloween party, here are some kinky accessories you can add to your costume that will outlast your Hallows Eve and live on in your sexy toy box for years to come!

When making a costume, you always have the option to go authentic, funny, sexy or weird. While you're putting together your outfit, you may want to browse our collars for any pet or punk related costumes. For example, newer versions of the character Harley Quinn from Marvel have "PUDDN" on her collar, but nearly all the previous versions of her have either a black or red collar without the words. Check out harnesses to boost the look of any edgy outfit you're creating and enjoy how many other ways you can wear them beyond Halloween. Wear a harness over fishnets or bodysuits to create a sexy and revealing look, or try a modern and sophisticated fashion style by putting them over a blouse, men's shirt or a dress. Browse our fetish clothing section to see a selection of harnesses, bodysuits, fishnets and more!

However, if you want to stick with the classics and dress up as an animal this Halloween, try out these ideas below!

The Kinky Dog Costume:

This Spike Neoprene Puppy Hood comes in 4 different colors and can be worn at any kink or fetish party in the Human-Animal scene! Made out of comfortable, lightweight and breathable material, this hood will transform your face entirely so you can show up at a party completely anonymous and be a hound-dog looking for their bone! Wear a suit to become a fancy pup or hybrid human-dog! Want to go full on canine? Add Puppy Mitts and a Puppy Tail Plug to pull the costume together and crawl around comfortably on all fours with the assistance of knee pads. Don't forget to add a collar and leash for your Mistress or Master to walk you around on!

Sexy Kitten or Fierce Cat Costume:

Be a Naughty Kitten with this cat mask and tail set. With a variety of tails to choose from, you can customize your cat with stiff tails, swishy tails, or even tails that have a remote control and wag! Get into a stretchy catsuit or become an anime cat-girl by wearing a cute top and skirt combo with the tantalizing tail swishing beneath your skirt. Who would guess the tail is plugged inside you? You get to choose how risque to be!

Play a big cat instead with this Leopard Bondage Set and Leopard Tail! Complete the outfit with leopard print clothing items and you'll have a matching set that serves as a stunning and seductive costume for Halloween and a unique and sexy outfit to wear to any fetish or adult party in the future. Imagine your partner walking their wild animal on a golden leash with bondage cuffs worn like anklets and bangles. How dangerous is this beast and when will they pounce on their prey? Go cute and have your partner dress up like a zoo keeper or get kinky and have them dress as a kinky Master or Dom.

Add a special twist to your costume with these Stainless Steel Cat Nails; you can pair it with your naughty kitten or big cat outfit, or add it to a very sexy Catwoman outfit! They'll be a novelty at any party and a talking point when meeting new people. Later on you can use them as part of seductive foreplay and as a sensation play tool for years to come!

Hoods and Masks:

Whether it's bondage hoods or masks, many of our cat masks also make for great superhero or villain masks, as well! We even have lace, Victorian style masks that are perfect for a masquerade ball. Pair it with a corset and choose a skirt or pants to match. With even a few of these items, you can transform into a wench, lady pirate, or sexy Dominatrix for Halloween!

Want to dress up as a famous celebrity? Both Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have paired hoods with other clothing items to add a kinky flourish to their outfits! Kim Kardashian wore a bondage hood to the Met Gala with a ponytail similar to our Ponytail Bondage Hood and Kourtney Kardashian has been seen wearing a lace hood casually for fun, as well!

Pony Play, Tailz and Butt Plugs:

Get creative with our toys and kinky gear! You can dress up as a Prancing Pony with the equestrian head harness and a pony tail plug and add a bodysuit to complete the outfit. Have your partner dress like a jockey or cowboy so they can ride you later!

Dress up as other animals with these fox, pig, or bunny tails as well! Some of our bunny and fox plugs by Tailz have remote controlled wagging and vibration functions so you can wiggle or swish your tail with a push of the remote control button! To bring out your wicked side, wear the Devil Horns and Tail set and find ways to dress up as the devious, mischief causing, Hallows eve demon!

Finally, it's a popular pastime to play with gender on Halloween. New on our site are a comfortable and realistic pair of silicone breasts. Make yourself into a busty broad with these size D breasts and wear a bra and dress over it to really wow your friends! Who knows, you may like it and want to wear it for other fun, costume-themed or kinky events! After all, bouncy boobs are fun -especially when you can take them off at the end of the night!

There are plenty of ways to get creative this Halloween. While eXtreme Restraints isn't the first place you may look for a costume, there's something inherently creative about dressing up and playing a role when it comes to BDSM. While others may just get one night, we want to remind you that you can dress up and role play any time you like! Stay safe and enjoy your Halloween!

Bryn Wolf is a staff writer with a background in kink and sex education. She has a B.A. in cultural anthropology and is a polyamorous, queer, kinky woman living in Portland, Oregon. She has been writing about and advocating for kink and sex positivity since 2015.