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Progress and Education for Your Pleasure!

September 19, 2022

Since eXtreme Restraints' inception in 2000, we have been focused on kink and sex toys that are not only affordable for all, but also quality that you can enjoy. As we've expanded so have our horizons, including not only that we've come to specialize in creating brands that are popular internationally, but also in how we educate our customers and fans on how to enjoy our products and get the most from them!

If you haven't taken a look yet, our Product Guides are much more than meets the eye. Each one takes a deep dive into what each sexy category involves. Categories such as Electro Stimulation or Bondage Gear include how to use these products safely and keep the products working well for years to come. But to go deeper, our staff writer, Bryn Wolf, included the history behind each product, when and why people started using them and an entire FAQ that helps people answer those burning and curious questions. With a background in cultural anthropology and experience both working with professional sex workers and lifestylers alike, she's been an asset to the team since 2020.

We've also changed how we are selling, promoting, and explaining our products. While we have upgraded our wordsmithing with writers such as Ms. Wolf, we've doubled down on visual representations as well. New products coming out have fantastic infographics that highlight the special features and functions of each new item that are certain to catch your eye! For many products, we've also included a list of demo videos so you can really see the toys in action being used on silicone mannequins or real life models!

Of course, nothing quite compares to a little show and tell, and boy have we got one of the best shows for that! Our long running educational series, Extreme Restraints University, has surpassed its 100th episode and is well on its way to completing another successful season by the end of the year. Even during the pandemic, our hosts Ian Rath and Aiden Starr logged onto Zoom video calls and made playing-at-home videos that inspired our customers to learn new ways to keep busy and satisfied during times of uncertainty and stress. The show has been back in the studio since September of 2020 and continues to have an excellent variety of guests of different sexual orientations and genders who contribute their professional and personal experience when it comes to different kinky and intimate topics. With a perfect blend of witty banter and highly informed opinions on everything from safety to pleasure to twisted games to play with your submissive, this duo combines a talk show in the first half that can also be heard via podcast with a very graphic and enjoyable demo section in the second half that our viewers may enjoy more thoroughly via the XR University website in the privacy of their home.

We're excited to continue to bring better products as well as product knowledge to our customers for years to come! After all, new toys and gear are only mind blowing when we know how to use them!