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Extreme Bondage Portable Massage Table featured on YNOT

April 20, 2022

Our newest in portable Bondage Furniture, the Master Series Extreme Bondage Table, was featured this week on YNOT, a site for Adult Entertainment Industry news.

The full text reads as follows:

XR Brands recently announced that they are now shipping the Extreme Bondage Table. This newest addition to XR’s Master Series collection of advanced fetish and BDSM gear is portable, which opens up a whole slew of new opportunities. This vegan leather padded table is built to support countless pleasure and play scenarios, with a durable design that feels secure, no matter how rough it gets.

The Extreme Bondage Table’s provocative design allows users to fit the wrist and ankle cuffs on their partner’s legs and arms in a manner that is both snug and comfortable, then attach them to any of the available D-Rings to keep them in place while playing out their fantasies and desires. The padded PU leather surface makes the Extreme Bondage Table comfortable to kneel or lie on while the face and crotch holes make access easy and extra sexy while restrained.

With adjustable cuffs and 20 D-rings, users can be securely attached while leaving plenty of room for additional accessories. With no assembly required, setup is super easy and, as the PU leather is easily wiped clean, maintenance is a breeze. Most importantly, the Extreme Bondage Table boasts a strong, durable design built to withstand all the thrusting and writhing users can dish out.

“The Extreme Bondage Table is an exciting addition to our array of portable bondage furniture from Master Series,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “With more people than ever exploring BDSM, shoppers are looking for high-quality items that let them take their kink play to a more involved level. It’s so exciting to be expanding this line with such a high-quality product. We expect this to become a staple in home dungeons and at play parties!”

XR Brands’ Master Series is the first fully merchandised and packaged line of advanced fetish and BDSM gear, which makes it easy for retailers to expand their BDSM offerings beyond the basics. Quality products, eye-catching packaging and accessible price points have made Master Series one of XR Brands’ best-selling lines.

The Extreme Bondage Table measures 70 inches long, 24 inches wide and 25.5 inches high. Conveniently foldable for easy storage, its folded dimensions are 35 inches high, 24 inches wide and 8 inches high. The face hole is 8 inches x 6 inches while the crotch hole is 10 inches x 5 inches. The included wrist cuffs are 10 inches by 2 inches and the included ankle cuffs are 11 inches by 2 inches. The Extreme Bondage Table weighs 53 lbs.

The bondage table is available now, alongside the rest of the Master Series line here.