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Better than a Bouquet: The Hottest Toys to Get Your Partner This Valentine's Day!

By Bryn Wolf

Getting the perfect gift for your partner can be a challenge, especially when there's so much to choose from! Yes, flowers are nice but… what Valentine's Day is really about is pleasure, connection and fun! Giving them chocolate and roses is nice, but orgasms are better than a bouquet!

Getting the perfect gift for your partner can be a challenge, especially when there's so much to choose from! Yes, flowers are nice but… what Valentine's Day is really about is pleasure, connection and fun! Giving them chocolate and roses is nice, but orgasms are better than a bouquet!

When picking out something for yourself or partner, ask yourself a few things:

  • Do you have the kind of relationship where buying them a sex toy (or buying one to share) would be appreciated?
  • Have you played with any toys in the bedroom before?
  • Do they have toys or a vibrator already?
  • Have you two talked about fetishes, kinks or fantasies?
  • Would you like to buy them a toy to use alone… or one to use together?

If you aren't sure about any of the above, now's your chance to start having these sizzlin' hot conversations! It's very sexy to talk about desires and can lead to hotter sex and stronger relationships down the road!

Unfortunately, picking the right gift can be a challenge. So here's why we put together a few gift ideas for you and your lover! Mix and match a little from each category to create a unique selection for yourself!

The Hottest New Sex Pillows to Uplevel Your Sex Life!

Before we dive into individual toys and kits, one of the ways to spice up your sex life and take it to another level is by literally changing how you have sex! No more attempting to shove a bunch of regular pillows under your knees, hips or back to get comfortable in these KamaSutra style poses! The Bedroom Bliss line has you covered with exquisite, high-quality, high-density foam pillows that keep you supported, are shaped for perfection and pleasure, and are double lined with a water-resistant cover inside and a soft, velvety cover on the outside!

They have kinky options too! Many of the pillows have a version with buckles and straps for easy access bondage! One of our favorites is the Bondage Cushions Set! Enjoy quality items that help you transform your living space into a sex playroom for you and your special someone! Imagine combining this with sexy toys and kinky gear that will last for years to come!

For the Sensual Couple

Want to see your partner quiver and tremble in anticipation of your every touch and caress? Try using these sensual, stimulating tools to give them an experience they'll never forget! Quiet their mind and shut out all the light with this Black Out Blindfold. It's one of the few blindfolds that don't place any pressure against the eyes and lays comfortably on the nose so your partner can still breathe easily. Want to introduce some light bondage? Bind their wrists and ankles with this sexy, 6 Piece Burgundy Bondage Set that comes with a collar and leash!

Once they are restrained and blindfolded, mix in some sensation play with a Wartenberg Wheel; it may look like it bites, but this used to be a tool to test nerve response and will cause them to shiver as goosebumps prickle their skin. Calm their nerves with the soft, soothing touch of a Feather Tickler, a perfect balance to the cold, hard steel of the pinwheel.

Get things extra hot with wax play, if you dare! These 3k Fetish Drip Candles will add the final touch to your sensation play kit and as you watch the drips of wax dapple your lover's skin with a shiny, waxy seal, you'll find they'll be melting in your hands shortly after!

Of course, the night isn't complete with the traditional go-to method for pleasure; a vibrator! Try this Thunderstick 2.0 Super Charged Power Wand that works both on men and women. Use it anywhere on the body to release tension… or build it!

For the Covert Couple

Some people really enjoy showing off, and others love taking risks. For the Covert Couple, they combine both! Using remote controlled vibrators, they can wear their toys under their clothes in public places and tease each other out in the open. The game is most fun when others are nearby but the trick is to not let them notice how much your eyes are rolling back in your head, or how your legs are starting to tremble! Sometimes it's a game played just for fun, and other times it's a really hot way to warm up for when you both get home!

For ladies, the Remote Control Panty Vibe slips into most panties that have full coverage. They don't work with g-strings, but you'll want the extra support to keep this buzzing toy hidden and in place once your partner starts pressing your buttons!

We've got toys for the boys, as well! This Vibrating Silicone Testicle Massager can be worn around the base of the shaft like a cock-ring and stimulates the balls.

For an elegant option of a covert and wearable vibrator that is right out in the open, wear this gorgeous 7X Vibrating Necklace around your neck and use it whenever you get the urge! Both jewelry and sex toy combined, it's possibly one of the best combinations for Valentine's Day!

Want to keep it more in theme for the holiday?

Combine chocolates, roses and pleasure this holiday by adding in these items to your personalized gift!

Hearts Theme

The Heart Tip Crop says I love you with a bite of pain. The Heart Beat Silicone Heart Shaped Mouth Gag is not only cute, but goes with any kinky set. The Locking Heart Collar can be worn both in and out of the bedroom. Finally, this Love Connection Silicone Panty Vibe is always a win with the ladies!

Roses Theme

Give them roses that never die with this Silicone Ball Gag with Rose, this wildly popular Bloomgasm Wild Rose 10X Silicone Clit Stimulator, or focus on their derriere with both a Vibrating Rose Anal plug! Can you imagine mixing in these rose themed toys with a bouquet? There's nothing quite like an everlasting rose!

For the Kinky Couple

If you want to get kinky, you aren't straying too far from the original celebrations that later turned into Valentine's Day. Around this time thousands of years ago, a festival called Saturnalia was celebrated. The ancient Romans would perform a ritual and then go through the town whipping women to increase their fertility! If kink and BDSM get you and your partner hot, then here are a few items that are perfect for bringing the essence of the dungeon into your bedroom!

This first item, the Bedroom Restraint Kit, turns your bed into a solid piece of sex furniture! Use the weight of the mattress plus you or your partner's weight on top of the mattress to create a solid foundation that they can pull against. The restraints don't come with cuffs, however, so you'll have to get your own to attach to the straps that slip beneath the mattress.

If you do want to add a new bondage set to your collection, this 6 Piece Burgundy Bondage Set is sexy, chic, and perfect for your naughty submissive this holiday!

As mentioned above, the most comfortable and effective blindfold we recommend is the Black Out Blindfold. Put it on and add another element of sens-control by gagging their mouth with this Hush Comfort Silicone Ball Gag! The combination of the blindfold and the gag is sometimes enough on its own to send them into a submissive state where they are completely receptive to your skilled hands.

Speaking of skills, if you want to excite them try flogging them while they are blindfolded! There's nothing that gets the blood pumping quite like a Heavy Tail Flogger hitting your backside but you can't see it coming!

If you're a little overwhelmed by so many options or want to simplify and buy your kinky set on a budget, this Master of Kink 10pc Deluxe Bondage Set includes all the essential items for a kinky night in and won't break the bank!

For the Leather Lovers

Mmmhh… leather. You love the feel of it, the smell of it, the way it stretches over time and creaks when it's new. If your fetish or fantasy includes leather, here are a few items for you!

First, we recommend adding this combo of burgundy collar and cuffs to your collection if you don't have them. Simple, elegant, and timeless. Everyone needs these in their kink bag if they are serious players.

For those looking to add to their collection, this Strict Leather Bullhide Flogger and Strict Leather Fur Paddle are excellent for impact play! For something that stings a little more, this Red Leather Riding Crop is also a classic addition.

Finally, for those who want to wear their leather and show off the way it frames their body, this Leather Body Harness with Removable Bra for women and the English Bull Dog Leather Chest Harness for men will get hearts racing and can add to the fun as you grip and pull against the chest harness and tease and caress her in the body harness.

For Couple's Who Love Red Hot Romance

If you want to highlight the Valentine's Day theme, these items will go great with this Red Hot Holiday!

Try out this 3pc Silicone Cock Ring Set if you want to last longer for your partner. Quiet their words with this Hush Comfort Silicone Ball Gag, and give her something she'll look absolutely stunning in with this STRICT Female Chest Harness.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Shop our online sale now!

However you spend your steamy holiday, whether alone or with a partner, we're certain you've got plenty of winning items to choose from after browsing this list! Have fun, use compatible and body-safe lube, and always ask for consent. Happy Valentine's Day!

Bryn Wolf is a staff writer with a background in kink and sex education. She has a B.A. in cultural anthropology and is a polyamorous, queer, kinky woman living in Portland, Oregon. She has been writing about and advocating for kink and sex positivity since 2015.