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What's Up Doc: Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit VibratorThe rabbit vibrator is one of the most sought after sex toys on the market today. One of the reasons may be because of its celebrity debut through television shows and other mainstream exposure.

The rabbit vibrator was a popular sex toy even before it reached iconic status on cable television. The rabbit vibrator is a multi functional sex toy that performs several pleasurable actions at the same time. This phallic shaped vibe has a gyrating head, a cute little bunny whose ears tickle, tease, and vibrate your clitoris, and the legendary band of pearl beads that rotate around the shaft to massage the sensitive area just at the opening of your vagina. The ability to multi task makes the rabbit vibrator a top seller and no adult toy box is complete without one or more of these cute and multi talented bunnies.

With all of the rabbit vibrators available, it would be hard to select a favorite. So don’t. Get several of these versatile sex toys. They have waterproof rabbit vibrators for the pool, hot tub or shower. Treat yourself to at least one of these versatile sex toys, they can make any occasion a special one.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur