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What You Packin'?: A Guide to Travel and Sex Toys

Beaded Rope for BondageGoing on a vacation that involves air travel takes some forethought and preparation. This is especially true when you want to take your sex toys along with you. There are things a traveler can do to minimize the possibility of a hand search in the airport. Sometimes, airport security will become concerned with electronic devices or items that appear suspicious on the x ray and will insist on taking a closer look. This is their job, and they have seen all sorts of things in peoples’ luggage to include sex toys. If you are subjected to a search, calmly explain that you have some very personal items in your luggage and you would appreciate their discretion. Remember, if you are relaxed they will be too. Nobody ever made the 6 o clock news for trying to take a Hitachi Magic Wand to Portland. Be cool.


Good advice for taking your sex toys on flights with you is to put them inside your checked luggage. You might also put them inside a Ziploc baggie so that airport security will not have to touch them in the event that your suitcase is searched by hand in addition to being x rayed. Remove the batteries from your toys before packing them. It might scare security personnel if your bag starts buzzing because your vibrator was accidentally activated. You might even want to buy a new package of batteries for the trip to prevent having your favorite toy run out of juice at critical moment in an exotic locale.


All lubricants, oils and gels should be packed securely in your checked luggage. You will not be allowed to take them in your carry on bag due to the new flight security rules. This might be a good time to try out some new lubes or massage oils that come in the travel size pillow packs. Another handy travel item would be disposable cleanup wipes for adult toys.


Travel light; take along dual purpose toys like a vibrating dildo instead of one of each item. Waterproof toys are also a good idea when you are not sure where the erotic fun is going to happen. It would be a shame not to have any waterproof sex toys available for a frolic in the hot tub.


Do not take along your most expensive or cherished toys. Luggage gets lost, strangers have sticky fingers, and it might be difficult to be taken seriously when reporting the loss of your adult toy to airport or hotel security. There are also many vibrating dildos and vibrating butt plugs available in addition to inexpensive masturbation toys like the Palm Pal- Pussy or the even more economical and discreet Suction Masturbation Sleeve.

Taking sex toys along on your vacation will add to the opportunities to enjoy yourself. Travel light, put your unmentionables in your checked baggage (lest they be mentioned at the airline gate), relax and enjoy your flight!

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur