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Vibrators At Extreme Restraints

The vibrator is the most popular adult sex toy in the world. Why? Because vibrators are the perfect masturbation tool for both men and women. They also can greatly heighten sexual intensity for couples. Vibrator orgasms tend to be much more intense.

What Type of Vibrator Is Right For Me? There are so many factors you can consider before buying a vibrator it can make your head spin. You can decide from electric or battery powered, type of material it's made from, penetration, noise level, vibration variation, waterproof and more!

It's really simple to choose the right vibrator for you. Simply browse the selection of the different styles that you are attracted to. Start with one that appeals to you. Be open to having several of your favorite vibrators on hand. Then use the one that matches your mood when the time is right.

Different Styles of Vibrators:

  • Classic Vibes: these are the traditional long cylindrical vibes that are good to insert.
  • G-spot Vibrators: G-Spot orgasms have a much different feeling than "normal" orgasms. G-Spot vibrators have a special curve to help reach this area.
  • Remote Control Vibrators: Remote controlled vibrators can be a lot of fun! Once properly inserted or secured your partner will get great enjoyment in watching you squirm when the remote is activated.
  • Silicone Vibrators: Silicone is a great material for vibrators. The texture has the softness of skin and feels very sensual. Most premium vibrators are made from silicone like these babies.
  • Vibrating Cock Rings: A good vibrating cock ring is fun for the man wearing it as it helps maintain his erection. They are also great for masturbation. During sex, your lover will also receive wonderful vibrations from your entire shaft.

For more information on how to use a vibrator, what kinds of materials vibrators are made from and what type of lubrication to use, read the Vibrator Guide.