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Sex Stimulants

Pills for sexual enhancement are readily available online and in stores. These sexual enhancers are usually herbal and nutrient based pills or creams which address several different sexual issues. There are pills to enlarge the penis, increase desire, prolong intercourse, increase sensitivity, or any combination of areas needing sexual enhancement.

Sexual enhancer pills and creams used to be created strictly for men, but research has created a few effective items for women as well. Products that contain L-arginine such as Viva Cream and Herbal Viva Super Sex Booster have shown to increase the instance and intensity of women’s orgasms. Applying a high quality cream to the clitoral hood and other vaginal areas will increase sensitivity and when used over time will enhance overall sexual response. Most of the oral sexual enhancers geared towards women contain ingredients which will enhance sensitivity, boost energy and calm stressed nerves. Even if you are enjoying good sex, you may wish to try a product which contains L-Arginine, and take your good sex and make it into great sex.

Sexual enhancer pills that are for penis enlargement and increased stamina usually contain an extract called yohimbe. Yohimbe stimulates erectile function. Sexual enhancers which contain yohimbe often contain L-arginine as well to stimulate increased blood flow to the penis. The effect of these two ingredients tends to be a larger and firmer erection.

Sexual enhancer pills which boost libido usually contain ingredients which increase energy, improve mood, and enhance glandular activity. Adaptogens balance the glandular system. Ginseng and Maca are adaptogens commonly found in sexual enhancers. Libido enhancing sexual stimulants may also contain horomonal precursors such as Tribulus, which is a natural testosterone booster. Solid testosterone levels increase both desire and stamina in men.

Some of the sexual enhancement pills on the market are meant to be taken just prior to sexual activity and are effective very soon after ingestion. The sexual enhancers which are considered to be a dietary supplement are taken daily to offer improvement over a period of time or to help maintain a desired level of sexual fitness.

Sexual enhancement pills can increase sexual performance and pleasure for both men and women. These sexual stimulants can be taken to either improve a lagging sex life or improve a good one. There are also measures that you can take to ensure maximum results from using a sexual enhancemer as a supplement.

• Good health through proper diet and adequate exercise is the basis for optimum sex.
• Monitor your health to be sure all of your systems are functioning properly. Especially thyroid, vascular, and reproductive organs
• Maintain a healthy level of zinc and vitamin E. For those who have concerns about prostate function, you may wish to consider saw palmetto supplements.
• Take care of your mental health. Take breaks from stress. This is such a catch 22; sex is a great reliever of stress. Yet, stress will squelch sexual desire. Avoid stress whenever possible and have sex often
• Schedule time to be alone with your partner. A lack of privacy will result in an unsatisfactory sex life. So whether you get physically intimate or just talk about what really matters to you, time alone with your sexual partner must happen in order for sex to happen.

Sexual stimulants and enhancers can play an important part in a satisfying sex life. They are a wonderful addition to good health, self awareness and open communication for creating an optimum set of circumstances for the best sex possible.

Article by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur