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Sensual Massage: Male

One of the best tried and true sensual massage tools around is your own hand. Sensual massage for men can be enjoyed either alone or with your partner, and is a great way to relax and clear your mind. There are many different techniques you can try that will offer different levels of intensity to your sensual massage.

One of the first things you may wish to do is be sure you have some privacy. Most men hate to be walked in on when they are enjoying “me time”. It is also a real mood wrecker to have a hand job cut short at a critical moment when your partner’s mom pops in unexpectedly. So solo or with an assistant, sensual massage is often best when kept under lock and key. Disruption is never a good thing, unless that was your intention.

Good lubricant is a great addition to any sensual massage. For this activity you can use just about any type of slippery stuff you want from shampoo to olive oil. Use a lubricant that is safe for sex toys if you are planning to use them during your sensual massage. If you are in the shower, take care when using a silicone lubricant as it does not wash away with water and can make the shower floor dangerously slippery. There are specialty lubricants available to enhance sensual massage by adding sensations of warming or tingling.

One technique of the most basic techniques is to grip your penis shaft like a handle and move your hand up and down. This technique works best if you have a longer penis. If your penis is just a little longer than your hand is wide, you may want to vary this technique or try some of the other sensual massage maneuvers. A variation of this technique would be to loosen your grip and rest your fingers on the shaft of your penis with your thumb on the topside of the shaft. You can get longer strokes this way, and create more focused friction at the head of your dick.

Another favorite sensual massage technique is to hold your cock with three fingers in the same way you would hold a pencil. This is a good method if you prefer less hand contact or less overall stimulation. With your three finger grip, slide up and down your shaft and stop to stimulate the good spots. Sensual massage need not be a single handed activity. You may wish to hold your cock in one hand and rub the head against the open palm of your other hand. Playing with your balls with your free hand by rubbing, pulling or tapping them is an added sensual sensation that many men find enjoyable.

There are many technological advances for sensual massage enthusiasts. Sex toy manufacturers have created many options that will enhance a sensual massage or will just plain do all the work for you. Some of the most basic masturbation enhancers are textured sleeves that you slip over the shaft of your penis. These may be used alone or during intercourse to intensify the pleasure of all parties involved. Place a drop or two of lubricant on the inside of the sleeve to allow ease of motion and then slide it up and down for some great suction and friction combinations.

Cyberskin masturbation toys are a heavenly addition to any sensual massage. These sex toys are created to feel like the real thing. Some of the cyberskin sex toys on the market are a basic masturbation sleeve, while others like the Honey Pot Portable Masturbation device includes a vibrator to give a pleasant hum to your sensual massage. This particular toy has the added feature of looking like an ordinary flashlight to preserve discretion.

If you ever just want to kick back and let technological advances do all the work for you, you may just want to give the Robosuck II a try. This battery powered device has a textured sleeve, a ring which strokes your cock, and a suction tube to add to the mind blowing pleasure packed into this state of the art masturbation machine. All that hot action in one low maintenance device!

Sensual massage and regular orgasm is healthy and it feels great! Just like any other muscle in the body—if you don’t use it you lose it and a solid hard on is a terrible thing to waste. So grab some lube, lock the door and take some time out to relax and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures.

Article by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur