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Sensual Massage Female

Sensual massage is how many women are able to achieve orgasm. It may be performed solo or with a partner, but finding out what you like during sensual massage on your own is a great way to have better sex with a partner. Knowing your own preferences is very helpful to your sexual partner as you may offer them guidance. Sensual massage is also the key to not requiring a partner to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Sex toys are wonderful enhancers for sensual massage. However, using your fingers to stimulate your clitoris and bring yourself to orgasm will help you really know your body and what sensations please you most. For women, all great sensual massage begins with finding the clitoris. The clitoris is tucked just under a little hood at the top of the vulva, right inside where your inner and outer labia come together.

To begin sensual massage, place your index and middle finger over the top of your clitoris, begin by gently rubbing in a circular motion. Try different amounts of speed and pressure; also try smaller and larger circles to find your personal rhythm. You may also want to try making figure 8s. Try tiny figure 8s for stimulating the clitoris alone, or larger figure 8s to massage the clitoris and the inner labia. Another sensual massage technique that may appeal to you is to take your index and ring finger and spread your outer labia apart and use your middle finger to tease and rub your clitoris.

You may also enjoy rolling your clitoris between your thumb and middle finger. Begin by very gently lifting the clitoris upward and then roll it softly between your thumb and middle finger. Try increasing the pace and intensify the pressure if you find this form of sensual massage enjoyable. Using your whole hand to give sensual massage is also very arousing, your index and ring finger will stimulate your labia and your middle finger will excite your clitoris. Try varied pressures and motion patterns until you find the one that pleasures you most.

Sometimes a girl just wants a little something extra from a sensual massage. One of the best ways to enhance a sensual massage is to use lubricant to allow for smoother movement. Many lubricants also have the additional feature of tingling or warming. Try placing a little lube on your fingers and performing your favorite sensual massage moves, it will make something that feels good become something that feels amazing.

You may want to add a dildo to your sensual massage to make it more fulFILLing to you. Using your free hand, you may wish to slide the dildo in and out, and adding a twisting motion as the dildo enters and leaves your body makes this activity even more pleasurable. A dildo that has a suction cup is a good toy to use during sensual massage. You may want to try the rear entry position with this toy. Place the dildo on a flat vertical surface at a height that will make it easy for you to back into it in the kneeling position. Lube up the dildo, kneel on some pillows and pump while you massage, this will be a great orgasm!

Vibrators are the perennial favorite sensual massage toy. One of the most popular is the electric Hitachi Magic Wand. The electric vibrators are quite powerful and are sometimes too intense for some women. To accommodate for this, you may wish to add a Speed Control Box to achieve just the right sensation for you.

Sensual massage is only made better by adding a battery operated vibrator. For compact and delicious clitoral stimulation you may try a vibrating egg. Use one hand to rub the egg against your clit and the other hand can hold the remote speed control. This tiny toy packs quite a thrilling punch! Another inexpensive and commonly used vibrator is the cylindrical plastic model that looks like the Washington Monument or an erect penis. You may use this type of vibrator to buzz the inside or the outside. These basic little vibrators are affordable and versatile.

If you have a very sensitive clitoris or you really enjoy a gentle overall sensual massage you may want to try a Curve or a Layaspot vibrator. These types of vibrators give a softer sensual massage with less intense clitoral stimulation. However, if you crave a multitude of powerful sensations during your sensual massage, you may wish to try out any one of the rabbit vibrators. These talented little vibes, tickle and vibrate your clitoris, gyrate inside of you, and massage your labia with rotating pearls. This type of vibrator works for you, so you can just kick back and relax.

Sensual massage is a great stress reliever, and knowing your own body is good for self esteem and increases sexual prowess. With so many options available from organic do it yourself masturbation to technologically advanced orgasm guaranteed vibrators, all women can find their way to sexual fulfillment. Experiment, enjoy, and be good to yourself!

Article by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur