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Say Ahh: Medical Play

Medical play is a fetish which takes a routine exam or procedure and makes it an erotic adventure. The possibilities for medical play are endless and there is something for just about every kink within the medical play realm. Medical play can involve dominance and submission, bondage, humiliation, sensation play, mind fucking, latex, ass play, breath play, golden and brown showers, and electro sex. You name it and you can do it in a medical play scene.

A routine medical exam can be an erotic foray into domination and submission when the doctor or nurse orders you to disrobe and “hop up on the table”. This experience is enhanced if your doctor or nurse is wearing traditional medical clothing. Submitting to the exam itself can bring on a variety of feelings from vulnerability to humiliation depending upon the way the examiner goes about handling your body and the comments he or she makes as they probe, squeeze and pat. Medical play has many bonuses for those who have multiple fetishes. If you enjoy the feel of latex, this only adds to the excitement of being handled by your dominant doctor or nurse when they wear exam gloves.

Many people enjoy a more thorough intimate exam during medical play. It is sensual and sometimes a little humiliating to have your temperature taken with a rectal thermometer, or to be splayed open with your feet in stirrups. The use of a speculum to completely open the vagina or rectum is often used to enhance erotic feelings during a medical scene. A speculum allows the examiner to see and feel deep inside the patient’s most intimate areas. There are also oral speculums for dental examination and they may also be utilized to silence a chatty patient. The Wartenberg Wheel may be used to check sensitivity and responsiveness in certain areas of the body. There are many ways for fetish medical personnel to determine how to treat what ails their patient.

Medical play scenes often go beyond simple examination of the subject. Sometimes, treatment is necessary. There are a variety of treatment options available to medical play practitioners and their patients. For treating localized discomfort, one might apply hot and cold treatments to the swollen or sensitive area of concern. Tight muscles can be relieved with an e-stim unit attached to some tens pads. For many men, headaches, tension and attitude problems can be solved by utilizing the many instruments available for prostate gland massage. How do you spell relief?

Medical play treatments might also include internal cleansing by giving the patient an enema. It can be very sexually exciting to present your ass to a sexy medical play doctor or nurse and have them slowly work the lubricated enema nozzle into your anus and fill you with warm or cold water. Being ordered by your doctor to hold your water is an erotic feature of enema play. Many patients dread getting an enema, but release is often just what the doctor ordered.

Urethral sounds are often used during medical play. These devices are used to stretch and increase the diameter of the urethra. Sometimes they are used in association with catheters. These can be very useful if the medical play patient seems to be having a control issue.

Some patients are resistant to medical play treatment and will require restraint. Depending on what treatment regimen the medical play practitioner is implementing, there are a variety of restraints available to help the unruly or crazy patient remain still. Medical cuffs can help the patient remain on an examining table or you may only wish to hobble them so that they may perform exam functions but will not be able to escape the asylum. Straitjackets are a popular restraint tool, and not only do they restrain the patient’s arms, but the straitjacket has been known to have a calming effect as well.

Medical play is a fun and edgy kink and requires communication between the parties involved. Be sure that you understand the equipment that you are using and check on the well being of your submissive often. Have fun, be informed and don’t forget that laughter is the best medicine!

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur

This article was published on Monday 08 October, 2007.
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