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Pump Up The Volume: Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos are a popular and versatile sex toy. An inflatable dildo is ideal for the person who wishes to experience the sensation of having their ass or pussy completely filled, maybe even to the point of a little discomfort. Inflatable dildos are a useful tool for the practice of anal training, it allows for comfortable insertion and then the gradual stretching of the muscles.

An inflatable dildo may be used in the same way as a traditional dildo. As a matter of fact, until you pump up an inflatable dildo, it looks the same as any other phallic shaped sex toy. Add a little air, and watch the transformation from average to amazing happen.

As with any of the insertable sex toys, inflatable dildos should be well lubricated to prevent injury to your delicate tissues. Most of the inflatable dildos are made from rubber and a good silicon lubricant will help ease the pleasure process when playing with this type of toy. If your inflatable dildo has a fleshy, realistic appearance you may want to check the material make up of the toy. If your inflatable dildo contains silicon, you will want to use a water based lubricant instead. If you use a silicon lube on a silicon toy, you risk damage to the toy.

Using an inflatable dildo to stuff your vagina is very simple. Apply a little lubricant to the uninflated dildo, slide it gently into the love canal, and begin pumping the dildo to larger proportions until you feel satisfied or until your hand gets tired whichever event happens first. If you are not flying solo, and you wish to let your partner determine how much dildo pumping you can take, follow the previous steps and have your partner pump the bulb that is attached to the inflatable dildo.

Inflatable dildos may also be inserted into your ass. To use them in this way, you will need to use a lot of lubricant. You might consider using a lube applicator syringe to fill your rectum with the slippery stuff to ease the insertion and expulsion process, and all the moves you might want to make in between. Anal use of an inflatable dildo requires a little time and preparation. Relax the sphincter muscle by massage and other sensual stimulation. Place the uninflated and well lubricated inflatable dildo against your asshole and slowly and firmly press until it enters you. If you feel discomfort, stop for a moment and relax the muscles, when you feel comfortable, push the inflatable dildo in a little more. Once you have gotten the dildo inside you far enough to feel satisfied, you may begin pumping it up until it fills you to the point of nirvana. If you feel too full, simply release some of the air from the dildo until it is just the right size.

There are several different types of inflatable insertables on the market. The inflatable dildo is just one of them. If you enjoy being able to control the length and girth of your sex toys, you may want to get several different types of these adjustable insertable sex toys. Enjoy, and don’t forget the lube!

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoseur