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Position Yourself: Guide to Liberator Sex Furniture

LiberatorThe Liberator is a line of sex furniture and accessories that will add some spice to the bedroom. The Liberator line of products also serves the practical function of giving the body support in literally hundreds of sexual positions; you may feel as though you can defy gravity! The Liberator Shapes will optimize access to those hard to reach erogenous zones, while eliminating stress on the neck, spine, elbows and knees.

Liberator Shapes offer two different product labels. Original Label Liberators are the geometrically gspot friendly inclines, angles and curves designed to help lovers overcome earthly obstacles to achieve nirvana inducing orgasms. Black Label Liberator Shapes offer the same dynamic designs with a kinky little twist. These Liberators feature attached buckles to clip tender tethers and romantic cuffs to for some light bondage.

The elegant and erotic Liberator Esse is one of the most versatile and appealing sexual enhancers on the market. The Esse can double as a fun and funky chaise lounge when it is not being used for more sublime pursuits. It is not only versatile in form, but also in functionality. The Liberator Esse comes with a washable zip off microfiber cover for soft and sensual comfort against your skin. Another popular feature is the waterproof nylon liner that is great when you want to get slippery or wet with your partner. The Esse provides even more possibilities for versatile positions and comfort when you add the Liberator mini scoop for added support and to level the playing surface. The Esse comes complete with the cover, liner, mini scoop, and a 100 page position guide.

The Liberator Wedge and Ramp Kit is another great option in this line of products. It offers the same soft and sensual washable cover and waterproof liner as The Esse, with the added feature of its own gear bag for portability and it can be stored away easily. The Wedge lifts the missionary position to new heights and allows for maximum gspot stimulation. The wedge and ramp support the body for doggie style positioning while eliminating the pressure on the wrists, elbows and knees. Oral sex no longer has to include an aching neck and will allow you to pleasure your lover longer when you have the Liberator Wedge for elevation and support.

The Liberator Scoop adds a little rock n roll to your sexual scenarios. It’s supportive arc can either elongate your spine or give you overall support as you lay on your stomach. When you flip the Scoop over, the curved surface becomes a rocker to offer additional motion during sexual delights such as doggie style positions and “69”. The Liberator Scoop also relieves the joint stress experienced during these activities by elevating your body and supporting you and your lover. The Liberator Scoop has a velvety soft, easily removable cover, waterproof liner, a 44 page position guide, and a stow or go gear bag for discreet storage or travel.

Liberator Shapes offer some of the most versatile sexual possibilities imaginable. They come in different, sizes, shapes, colors, and offer two label options to suit different kink comfort levels. Sexperts have raved about Liberator Shapes and their ability to help people of all sizes and physical capabilities get maximum enjoyment from their sexual experiences. This is a sexual aid you cannot go wrong with.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoseur