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Male G-Spot Orgasm Toys

Finding the Male G-spot: Intense G spot Orgasms

Men have the pleasure of having the ability to receive amazing orgasms through the anus. One of these ways this is achieved is through stimulation of the prostate gland, or male G-spot, which is located a couple inches inside the rectum, on the front wall facing the belly. The prostate, when rubbed or vibrated feels really good.

The men can orgasm from the G spot through anal sex in the right position (see the Liberator Sex Wedge), through the use of Anal Toys shaped specifically for G spot stimulation or with an Electrosex Anal Stimulator.

When a man cums from the G-spot he can ejaculate a clear liquid that resembles semen. Often times the male G-spot can be stimulated to produce multiple orgasms this way. View our Selection of Anal Toys to find the ideal G-spot toy for you.