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Just A Touch of Love: A Guide to Masturbation and Self-Pleasure

Hot GirlMany individuals enjoy sex, but may still feel that something is missing from the experience. Allow for some individual exploration of the variety of sexual possibilities available to you. Becoming comfortable in your own skin is the first step in achieving sexual satisfaction. There are times that being selfish is not a negative thing, being self aware is key to effective communication with partners.

Getting to know your body is a great first step for getting in touch with your sexual self. Self exploration will help you become knowledgeable about what it is that turns you on as well as what isn’t for you. To know you is to love you, right?  Here are some ideas to help you begin discovering what it is that will create the best sexual experiences possible for you.

Find a relaxing place to be alone, turn off the phone, lock the door and take your clothes off. Enjoy the sensual feeling of the air against your skin. Allow your fingers to walk about the wonderland that is your body. Stroke yourself all over, delight in the way you feel.

Men and women can both enjoy the sensation of having their nipples touched and caressed. Maybe that is not enough, perhaps you like to have your nipples pinched or slapped. This is normal and if you like the way it feels, you should add whatever level of nipple stimulation you enjoy to your repertoire of pleasures for future use by yourself and others.

Your sexual organs contain a plethora of pleasure zones, all there to be enjoyed. Touching yourself is healthy and will bring you physical and mental satisfaction. Don’t be shy, reach between your legs and find your epicenter of delight.

Caress your genitals, notice which areas seem to cause little chills and shocks to run through your body. Stroke your balls gently if you are a man. Be aware of the tightening sensation and what kind of touch seems to intensify it. If you are a woman, lightly rub the lips of your labia. Feel the warmth begin. Continue to stroke and explore to find what will make that warmth spread throughout your body. Experiment with the amount of pressure that feels best to this part of your body. Some people enjoy squeezing, pulling and pinching, patting or slapping this area. It is different for everyone, so what you like best is what is best.

Vibrating Oro StimulatorFor men, the very tip of the penis is a conductor of delicious electricity. Its female counter part is the clitoris. Try touching this sensitive part of your body gently at first. Increase the rubbing and friction; you may try a little tapping or more intense percussion to this area. For some people teasing or tender touches are what send them over the edge, for others more vigorous stimulation is what is needed for sendoff. Either is good as long as it is what pleases you, that is what we are concentrating on- your pleasure.


You may enjoy having your G spot stimulated. A woman’s G spot can be found 1.5 -3 inches inside of her vagina on the anterior wall behind the pubic bone. It is an area of tissue that has a rougher texture than the rest of vaginal wall. When you are aroused it will feel sponge like. A man’s G spot is located where his prostate and perineum (an area about the size of a bottle cap located between the penis and the scrotum) come together. This is a major “hub” for all of the nerves that control the sexual organs. The male G spot can be access by inserting a finger or other item into the anus and inch or two and pointing or pressing downward.  You might enjoy having this area rubbed or tapped. You might experience a shuddering tidal orgasm from having your G spot touched, or maybe it will make you feel a soft glowing ember in your abdomen and cause you to moan or sigh.  Or stimulation to your G spot might make you wonder if you remembered to pay the phone bill. If the latter is the case for you, take note that the G spot is just not an area you need to spend time contemplating or rubbing. Move on to better things. But revisit this place from time to time. It never hurts to check and see if there are any new developments.Micro Massager


Both sexes can enjoy anal stimulation; either gentle caressing, more intense pressure to the sphincter muscle, or full penetration can be a very sensual and exciting experience. If you find that tapping on the backdoor is pleasurable you may wish to explore even further and go on in. Often, using a sex toy such as a dildo or a vibrator inserted into the anus while you masturbate can create a mind bending orgasm. As with all things sexual, your mileage may vary with anal stimulation. If it’s not for you, this is not an area to concentrate on.


Spend a little time alone now and then. You are well worth taking a few moments to discover new things about yourself. The more you know about you, the more opportunities you will have for sexual fulfillment; with yourself or with a partner.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur