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How to Use a Penis Pump

How to Use a Penis Pump by Extreme Restraints:

There are a few well known ways to naturally enlarge your penis. Using a penis pump is one of the most popular methods and works instantly giving you a bigger, fuller dick.

Penis Pumps work by creating a vacuum seal around the penis that pulls blood to the surface, thereby enlarging your cock. The sensations are pleasant and it will give you a rock hard erection that's larger than normal. Eventually your dick will return to its former size. However, permanent penis enlargement in girth and length is possible when used on a regular schedule. After you've pumped yourself up, you and your partner can enjoy the new size, shape, texture and sensitivity of your enhanced penis. Masturbate with your enlarged cock and notice the difference in how you feel, or have sex and let your partner describe the differences to you.

For full instructions on how penis pumps work and on how to get permanent enlargement results from penis pumping view the Penis Pumping Guide.