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Guide to Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa BallsThe magical story of Ben Wa balls is said to begin in China. Women there initially began inserting these small metallic balls into their vaginas to enhance intercourse for men. It became obvious that ben wa balls were beneficial to women as well. The ben wa balls respond to body movements and produce a subtle and pleasant sensation inside the vagina as they bump together and massage the vaginal walls. This gentle massage creates heightened sexual arousal.

Ben Wa balls are also said to have desirable effects on the overall tone of the pelvic floor muscles. Squeezing and flexing the muscles in this area on a regular basis increases bladder control, maintains vaginal elasticity, and makes for more intense sexual experiences. Not only are ben wa balls sexy, they are also healthy.

Ben Wa is a brand name for yīndàoqiú meaning vagina ball or nèiyòngqiú, meaning internal use ball. Ben Wa balls have also been referred to as Burmese Bells or Geisha Balls. Some of the other names for Ben Wa balls are Pleasure Balls or Love Balls. The larger version of the Ben Wa Balls are Duotone Balls.

When you first begin to use ben wa balls, wear them for a few hours at a time at home. It is not advisable to wear them while out running errands until you have strengthened the muscles that will hold them in. A ben wa ball hitting a wood floor in Victoria’s Secret makes a very distinct sound, especially if is the kind that chimes. You may want to wear Smart Balls at first. They are connected to one another and have a retrieval string. This string is only a precaution and is there to alleviate any concern you may have about “losing” a ben wa ball inside you. This will not happen. Medical professionals state that the muscles of the vagina will tighten around any spherical object and hold it in place. Ben wa balls will not float away. Still, the string is a nice feature.

Tips for using ben wa balls-

1. Empty your bladder prior to inserting the ben wa balls
2. Get in a comfortable position to insert the ben wa balls. You can try placing your foot on the edge of the bed or on the toilet, etc. Or you might try laying on your side
3. Insert the ben wa balls one at a time
4. Squeeze your Kegle muscles to hold the balls in
5. Wear them for brief periods of 3-4 hours at first
6. To remove the ben wa balls, lift up your leg and cough, hop up and down, or squat and cough.
7. When you insert ben wa balls, feeling some pressure is normal. If one falls out, wash it well with warm soapy water and replace it.

Ben wa balls have withstood the test of time and women all over the world use and enjoy them. For some women they take a little getting used to, but the general consensus is that their benefits and pleasures are amazing!

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoseur