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Glass Dildos and Sex Toys

Pyrex Sex Toys by Extreme Restraints

Pyrex is an ideal material for making sex toys. This is a type of glass that quality sex toys are made of. Pyrex is a special type of glass that is much stronger and does not shatter like normal glass. Pryrex is great for sex toys because:

  • It is entirely non-porous, completely hypoallergenic, easily sterilized and very durable.
  • It can be used with all lubricants (due to its slick, non porous nature, some people actually find that they don't need any lube at all!)

Other fantastic attributes to Pyrex dildos include their weighty nature, ability to hold heat or cold for long periods of time and their over all versatility. The fact that many consider them to be "upscale" and more aesthetically pleasing than your average dildo is a big draw as well. These do cost more than our other insertables but are in a league of their own. We truly feel that they will be a rewarding investment in your toy bag. See our Selection of Pyrex Sex Toys that are all hand made to exceptional standards.