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Erotic Books

Erotic Books At Extreme Restraints

Erotic books give your mind a playground for expanding on sexual fantasies. Extreme Restraints offers a comprehensive selection of adult erotic books to help you in all aspects of sexuality. Erotic books come in 3 different flavors here: (1) Instructional and How-To, (2) Fetish Erotica, (3) Fetish Photography and Art.

  1. Knowledge is pleasure when it comes to the Instructional and How-to erotic book section. Here you'll find erotic books on many handy topics: the art of japanese bondage, S/M 101, Electrosex and Master/Slave manuals. Also you'll find plenty of guides on spanking, tricks to please a man, hot wax play, anal sex, strap-on sex, oral sex and much more!
  2. Fetish Erotica Books include novels, erotic comic books and kinky fetish stories. Great for getting into the mood and gratifying your hidden desires.
  3. Fetish Photography and Art Books make some of the most intrigueing and memorable coffee table conversations. Fetish art captures images that entrance the viewer.

Please go to our Erotic Adult Bookstore and get into your extreme sexual fantasies.